Some of My Favorite Sports Memories

Sports have taken up a big chunk of my life and my heart since I’ve played them and followed them from a young age. As Thanksgiving comes around, I’ve been reflecting on what I’m thankful for. Obviously, sports came to mind and I started thinking about the great memories I’ve had involving them. So, here’s just a few of the many sports memories that stuck out in my mind.

My First New York Rangers Game

Obviously, as a Rangers fan, this was a huge moment for me. I remember walking into MSG and feeling the atmosphere change. I can’t even describe the feeling properly, but it was almost electric. I think I was in shock the entire time that I was actually there rather than watching it on my couch. They did lose 4-1, but it’s still a memory I’ll never forget.   

Everything Involving My Soccer Team

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I started playing soccer around the age of 5 because I wanted to be like my mom who played soccer through college. I basically played in the rec league from then until the end of high school (minus a few seasons here and there). We had so many inside jokes, some amazing seasons, and I made so many friends there since our core group got so close. It’s a team that will always hold a place in my heart and will always put a smile on my face.

Playing Catch With My Dad

When I was in elementary school, the bus would come pick me up from my driveway, and of course it was never consistent on the time that it would pick me up. When it was nice enough, my dad and I would grab a tennis ball from the garage to play catch with while we waited. I don’t remember what prompted it, but one day I decided that I wanted to learn to throw and catch like a baseball player. I remember after that he was helping me with my hand eye coordination, throwing pop-ups for me to practice catching (which I got VERY good at if I do say so myself), and we even started to break out the gloves. Moral of the story: If college doesn’t work out, I’m TOTALLY qualified to be a walk-on for a baseball team.

Getting a Puck From My Favorite Player

Okay, I HAD to add this in here because it is sports related and I will never forget it. I went to the Rangers vs. St Louis game last season because it happened to be over spring break. My mom helped me make the sign and everything (Came all the way to see Brady Skjei was her idea). I stood at the glass during warm ups and was practically shaking because I was so nervous. I saw all of the other players reading it and then after a while Brady Skjei himself skated over with a puck. I was in such shock because he actually nodded at me when I mouthed out “Me?” and then tossed it over. That was honestly the highlight of my night and maybe even my life. They lost that game, but I think that the puck during warm ups made up for it.