Small Things To Make You Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together

You must admit, it’s terrible feeling stressed, scatterbrained, and strung out. Whether it be finals week or preparing for a big event, it can be quite essential to decrease these emotions for productiveness and your overall mood. Also, it’s a good feeling having your shit together. Or at least feeling like you have your shit together.


1. Make your bed.

Not only will making your bed make your room appear cleaner, it will also make you less likely to climb inside of it the second you come home from class. It takes maybe 30 seconds to do each morning and definitely makes you feel like you have your shit together.

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2. Do your homework somewhere new.

It’s easy to be unmotivated and unproductive doing your homework in the same location everyday. Trying a new location of the library or perhaps a coffee shop can make you feel more focused while completing homework and less like a monotonous chore.

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3. Wash your makeup brushes.

I don’t even know why this makes me feel like I have my shit together. What I do know is that afterwards you feel more accomplished and excited to do your makeup the next time. Also, let’s be real here, it’s probably been a long ass time since you washed your makeup brushes last.

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4. Clean out your backpack. 

This list is a lot of cleaning, but it’s truly the most effective way to feel like you have your shit together. It’s easy for your backpack to accumulate unnecessary clutter, and the only effect this has is weighing down your backpack. Clearing out random worksheets and gum wrappers will enforce good organizational skills. And we love an organized queen.

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5. Pamper yourself. 

Small things like painting your nails or blow-drying your hair for the first time in forever can have a dramatic effect on the way you feel about yourself. If you put forth a little extra time into the way you look, you will be more confident, and therefore, more productive. They always say: look good, feel good.

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