Six Ways to Use Peeps This Easter

In the Christian faith, Easter is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Bright decorations, honey ham and lots of Reese’s peanut butter eggs come to mind when thinking of Easter with my family. Peeps are another Easter staple in my household. They are colorful marshmallows in the shapes of baby chicks and bunnies. Even though they are cute, they are too sugary for me to eat alone, so here are six alternative ways to use Peeps this holiday.

1. Gifting: You can use this free printable to create your own little Peep bags. It’s a small gesture but a cheap and easy way to show someone that you are thinking of them. All you need is four little marshmallow friends, a snack size plastic bag and the free printable. Place the marshmallows in the bag and seal. Then fold the printable horizontally and staple to the bag.

2. S’mores: A s’mores set can be another small gift of appreciation. They can also be made up ahead of time and used at a family or friend gathering around a fire. You just need two graham crackers, a mini chocolate bar and one Peep per package. Assemble all the pieces in a bag and add a personal touch with a colorful ribbon.

3. Straws: Just stick a straw through the marshmallow and add it to your favorite drink.

4. Hot chocolate: Hot chocolate and marshmallows go together, so of course hot chocolate and Peeps go together. Just top off your mug of cocoa with a few chicks for a sweet dessert drink.

5. Centerpiece: A Peep centerpiece brings some color to your table. First, you need a glass container that complements the size of your table. You can fill it partially with any color of glass beads or try M&M candies. Then line the outside with bunny Peeps, since they stand up easier than the chicks. Placing some fake flowers or candle in the center is the final touch.

6. Cocktail: To spice up your evening, you can use Peeps to make a candy vodka. Fill up a pitcher with some of the marshmallow treats and then fill the rest up with your choice of vodka. The flavor will be best if it’s prepared a few days before serving.

Happy peeping!