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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

So, you’re single on the worst day of the year. We’ve all been there, and we know how depressing it is to go out and be surrounded by couples saying “Awwhh baby I love you.” I have found, in my predominately single life, a few tricks in making Valentine’s Day not such a disaster.

  1. Avoid any decent restaurant. It’s like couples galore there. They’ll be there with the flowers, and the chocolates, and the teddy bears, and you will want to stab your eyes out. The best places to go are fast food restaurants or bars. Boys want to step their game up this time of year and won’t want to risk ruining their lady’s night by taking them to Applebee’s.
  2. Don’t go to the movies. There is Redbox for a reason. Even in the funny movies, there will be couples holding hands and kissing. Just don’t go. They don’t sell popcorn big enough to ease the pain.
  3. If you hit up Redbox, avoid romantic movies. Like really, this one should be obvious. Who wants to watch a romantic, amazing movie, knowing they will be cuddling with their build-a-bear at night?
  4. Go to the bars. Everybody who doesn’t have a somebody will be there.  You all can drink, sing and dance together in celebration of not gaining fifteen pounds due to excessive chocolate intake. It’ll be a fun way to ensure you have a good night.

5.  Do something adventurous. Something crazy. Drive to Stull Cemetery to see if it really is the “Gateway to Hell,” or go bowling or play laser tag. Find something fun to do with a group of people; it’ll be a blast and there will be no lovey-dovey stuff happening.

Being single isn’t a bad thing, and Valentine’s Day is just another date on the calendar. Don’t sweat it, don’t hate it, just embrace the fact you can do whatever you want, and you can eat chocolate you actually like. Avoid the typical love spots, find something creative and you’ll have such a good night, you won’t think of Valentine’s Day as such a drag. 

Cailey Taylor. Director of Administration for Her Campus KU Journalism and Political Science major at University of Kansas. Staff member of Good Morning KU and KUJH News.