To Sexy, Or Not To Sexy: Halloween Costumes

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If you’re like me, you too are experiencing the Halloween costume dilemma. It’s a question thousands, dare I say millions, ask themselves every year:

To sexy, or not to sexy?

When Halloween costume shopping you can either be a zombie,

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Or a zombie

You could be a nun

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Or a nun

Dolls Kill Sinful Mama Don't Preach Costume

(my FBI agent is probably really judging my search history…)

And don’t even get me started on the categories within sexy.

Do you want to be a joking sexy?

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Or more typically sexy?

15 Simple Last Minute Halloween Costumes

I can’t hate on the classic costumes. They’re adorable, cute, and have earned the title of old reliable.

Maybe none of this stuff is for you. Maybe you want to cosplay:

DIY Coraline Costume , #Coraline #Costume #DIY

Or do something simple:

But, if your college is like mine, Halloween isn’t just October 31st. It’s the weekend before, Halloween itself, and the weekend after, so don’t feel pressured to limit yourself. You can be everything you want to be. But also, don’t feel pressured to go hard, you can have fun as much fun in a t-shirt that says “costume” as you can dressed as Harley Quinn or Cher Horowitz. The best costumes are the ones that you’re most comfortable in and that you feel the happiest in.

And hey, may as well feel happy and sexy for a night before men on twitter feel entitled to gab about women’s costumes the next day.

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And if it comes down to it and you’re still in a pickle,  just be a cat.