Seven YouTube Videos That Butter My Biscuit (Explained by My Boyfriend)

I would like to begin with the fact that these videos were selected and commented on by my dear boyfriend, and he feels very strongly about these seven videos. While we might have different tastes in viewing history (mine are mostly makeup tutorials or five minute ab workouts...), his selctions made me chuckle. The title was also created by him, if anyone asks. Here we go, and I hope that your Monday improves with a few of these videos. 

1. Bowl Cut Maintenance 1000 

"In this surprisingly interesting video, the creator, hamishpatterson high frequency tribe (a rather dope name), decides that it is time he cleans up his elongated bowl cut. With just the right mix of his soothing surfer voice, his baby's occasional cry (who happens to be seated on his lap throughout the duration of the video), his rusty scissors, and his carburetor mirror, this video is just enough to butter my biscuits."


2. "Bitch Lasagna

"Sitting at over 160 million views this music video by “Pewdiepie” is easily the most viewed video on my list. “Bitch lasagna” was created in a beef for the number one subscribed YouTuber between “Pewdiepie” and “T-series”. The right mix of excellent videography, funny but literally lit lyrics, and precisely made bitch lasagna, this video by Pewdiepie should not just be listened to, but played on repeat in the boom boom room. #BOOTYSHAKER."


3. Top 100 Cody Ko Best Vines Compilation

"Vine has been gone for quite a while now, but the creators that once ruled the platform are still around and their work remains fairly relevant. Cody Ko has blown up on youtube and has even dabbled into some music and stand up comedy. However, his humbling beginning on vine is still heavy on our hearts. This video has all of his most classic vines in a compilation for our own enjoyment. Highly recommended watch. Bisquits = happily buttered."


4. Here In My Garage (Official)

"This video by Tai Lopez was a cornerstone of YouTube ads in 2015. I do not recommend watching it for any form of knowledge, or pursue whatever Tai Lopez is attempting to sell the viewer. However, I do encourage the watch for pure nostalgia. When you hear the soothing voice of Tai Lopez, see his bookshelves and Lamborghinis, there will not be anything that could stop the shivers going down your spine."


5. Crush On Obama

"2007 was an interesting year. YoutTube was young in its life, camera quality was still at the late 90’s level, and skits were the commonality on youtube. However, this video in particular is one of the most OG YouTube videos of all time. Everything about this video sends me straight to my happy place. The things I would do to be a young and sassy twenty-year-old in 2007."


6. RickRolled’D

"As with the other music videos in this list, this video makes you feel some type of way. Something about watching this gem from the middle 2000’s just fills me with nostalgia and good vibes. The 2000’s was such a different, yet interesting time. Also, this song will be stuck in your head all day. You're welcome."

7. First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails

"Cringy. The only word needed to describe this video. It is crazy to see how simple it would have been to become famous on YouTube 12 years ago. A video with no direction or meaning racked up millions of views and is constantly praised for being the first ever vlog. The first time I saw it, I had no appreciation for it. Seven years later, I now realize how far YouTube as well as its people have come since 2006."


In conclusion, some of these videos are entertaining, some of them are boring. Regardless, they are all videos that in fact, butter my biscuits. #BISCUITS=BUTTERED.