Save Time and Money with EatStreet

The next time you order in for dinner, try ordering with EatStreet. You can use it online or download the free app for Android and iPhone. It offers users convenience, options and savings by curating restaurants and specials in Lawrence.

Start by entering your address and selecting delivery or pickup.

The next screen will show you the restaurants in your area. It includes the address, delivery charge and minimum, and the proximity. If you know what kind of food you want, you can use the filters on the left side to narrow the choices.

Once you’ve decided where to place an order, you select it from the list. EatStreet displays the restaurant’s menu and any exclusive specials. For example, Papa John’s offers a large one-topping pizza for $4.99 for pickup. After browsing, your order and payment is completed through EatStreet. Something unique about this application is that you get to choose an organization to donate a portion of your total to including the Lawrence Humane Society, Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, Willow Domestic Violence Center, Center for Community Outreach and Emily Taylor Resource Center.
The more times you order using EatStreet, the more bonuses you can earn. Every four orders earns a new coupon or other BonusBites.

Hope you enjoy this free and simple tool that helps save you time and money.