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Sarah Larsen and Morgan Klug

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Sarah Larsen and Morgan Klug are truly fearless. When they’re working together, anything is possible. No matter the issue, no matter the challenge, together, the two are unstoppable. As co-chairs for the family relations committee of KU Dance Marathon, the two are inseparable. They jokingly call themselves, “Morah,” and their comradeship is what makes them electric on and off the dance floor. Tied together by their central desire to change the world for the better, Morgan and Sarah appear larger than life. Both ladies dare to see the potential in the world, the places where things need to change, the successes that revolutionized the populations, and this objective view is what inspires each of them to do what they do best: inspire.

Although they’re tied together by a commitment to the university as a whole, both ladies complement each other in only the best ways. Sarah is a senior human biology major and French minor who has felt the desire to serve for the longest time. She dreams of a future in which she’s a physician, helping the children who she learned to love so dutifully through KUDM. She plans on continuing her commitment to service even after she graduates, hoping to stay influential in the most important ways. Really, at her core, Sarah does what she does because she dreams and she believes, and maybe most importantly, she loves the kids, truly loves each and every one of them. Sarah knew KU was the place for her when she was brought to KU as a ten-year old by her grandparents. She loved it, every single part of it, the energy, the flowers in the spring, and most importantly, the people who let nothing stand in their way and never took “no” as an answer. Although it cost an arm and a leg, according to her joking grandparents, Sarah said that’s what inspired her to work that much harder to come to KU. Sarah challenges everyone to be brave and to try something that scares them. You can see in her eyes, how thankful and appreciate Sarah is of what she has, and most importantly, of what she can do to give back to the people, places, and values that are most important to her.

Morgan Klug laughs and it’s impossible not to be overjoyed. When she’s in the room, the air seems lighter. This energy and optimism renders Morgan impossible to ignore, and even more difficult to doubt. People trust her, truly trust her. A senior, Morgan is studying cell biology with a minor in sociology. She dreams of becoming a physician as well, challenging the world and its health standards, so everyone has the access to the quality of life they so rightfully deserve. A native Kansan, Morgan fell in love with KU, like so many before her when she stepped onto campus as a senior in high school and felt the passion that radiated off of the students like the sun. According to Morgan, KU felt like a place “not only to get involved, but to meet people who would push me to become a bigger person, a better person.” Her biggest piece of advice for incoming KU students is to step outside of their comfort zone, to find something they love, because those experiences will be the ones that shape you as the independent, brave individual you are. Morgan works from her heart, it’s clear to see. She works for the students of KU because they inspire her to do amazing things. She works for the city of Lawrence because there’s something for everyone here, something that someone, somewhere will surely love. And most importantly she works for the kids of KUDM because they challenge her to believe and dream in the most magical ways possible.

Together, the two stand for the ‘kids who can’t.’ At its core, KUDM is a philanthropic group ran entirely by KU students who stand together to raise money for the children of Children’s Miracle Network, their families, and KU Pediatrics. Throughout the year, the family relations committee is responsible for contacting families, keeping up on health updates, and organizing the family’s needs at the marathon. On October 25th, 2014, from 10 p.m.-10 a.m. the dance marathon will change the lives, in some way, of each KU student who walks through the front doors. Although it is a dance marathon, KUDM also holds exciting games, free food, and an altogether great time. Most importantly of all, it gives KU students the chance to be hopeful and inspired at all once. Each smile across a child’s face dares the dancers to believe in something bigger than themselves. KUDM creates a network of individuals who see the world differently, and who dream, like they had scarcely dreamed before. The registration for the marathon is quite simple, as it only requires a log on to kudm.org and a registration fee, and it guarantees a lifetime of memories. More importantly, each registration goes towards amazing kids, kids who are clearly the most powerful and mesmerizing individuals.

Despite all the seriousness of their lives, Morgan and Sarah are still college students, joyous and fun, and just a little bit crazy. Sarah loves to run and swim. She loves to break barriers and do things that challenge her, physically, mentally, emotionally. She loves ice skating, and she faces every obstacle head on, with the wisdom of someone twice her age, and an outstanding, overwhelming enthusiasm. Morgan embraces her free time as the time in which she can be, “an old woman, reading for fun, and hanging out with my two cats.” Together, it’s clear the two of them love KUDM because it brings together so many individuals to stand for a great cause. They love KUDM because of the kids and the families, and the way each marathon brings these families hope and happiness, and only the brightest, most magical smiles. Both ladies desire a continuing KUDM, a dream that stays alive and vibrant on the KU campus, even after they’re gone. They imagine the marathon getting even bigger, involving every student on campus, and raising money for the families they fell in love with their very first year on the committees. Together the two ladies stand strong. Together, they stand hopeful. Together, they stand for those who can’t. And together, they stand, truly, genuinely, fearless towards the world.