Sarah Everard & Her Movement

For most people, walking home from a best friend's house is the end of a regular day in their lives. For women, walking home at night can be a scarier endeavor that they take cautiously. For Sarah Everard it was the last walk she would ever take.

On March 3, 2021 Sarah Everard was walking home from a friend's house when she disappeared. She was reported missing by her boyfriend who she had plans with the following day. Following a search and investigation, Sarah’s remains were found in a wooded area on March 10th. Police arrested and charged Metropolitan police officer Kent Couzens for kidnapping and murder.

Girl sad at night Photo by Garon Piceli from Pexels

Sarah’s death sparked global outrage and thousands of women mourned Sarah’s death, including me. For most women being cautious and careful is a part of our everyday routines. We’ve subconsciously adapted to living life within certain restraints. We’ve learned to button up our tops, cross our legs, be quiet, never walk alone and always carry pepper spray in our bags. Every time we leave the library a little too late or go on a date with a guy we don’t know, we’re on edge and cautious.

However, even after following all these precautions and after being careful, we are still the targets for violence. Walking home could cost us our lives. Following Everard’s death, a statistic released by the United Nations stating that 97% of women have been victims of sexual harassment has been going viral, and various women across the internet are sharing their stories.

Vlad Tchompalov Vlad Tchompalov / Unsplash

The stories of women have also elicited a response from critics that claim that statistic is false. In fact, any time that women try to speak on the injustice still prevalent in our society that impacts us daily, we’re shut down. When women speak on the wage gap, they’re told it is false. When women speak up about their stories of sexual assault with the #MeToo movement, we're gaslit or critiqued. Even during a vigil held for Sarah Everard, women in attendance were met with strong police presence and a few were even jailed for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg memorial Photo by Ted Eytan distributed under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

At times it can feel like society is telling us to stay silent and watch as our sisters are murdered and harassed just for our gender. The word “feminist” has gained a negative connotation and women who speak up are chastised. Though many claim that women have gained equality and that the fight is over, there is still a long way to go, and Sarah Everard’s murder is a painful reminder of that. She deserved better and more time on this Earth. So does every woman that has been a victim of harassment or assault. May her soul rest in peace.