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The weather:

“Isn’t the weather crazy right now?” “It’s so bipolar.” With global warming right now, everyone living anywhere in the United States can relate to this subject. On that note, however, make sure to avoid the global warming topic; we don’t want it getting too political before the pie is served. 

How broke you are:

“Food is just so expensive at school.” “I’m trying to focus on my studies right now so I can’t get a job.” This is a topic that is unlikely to spark arguments and may also gain you some sympathy from the grandparents. Really milk the topic too; you may receive a thick card for Christmas.


“The Jayhawks are doing amazing this year.” “What does your roster look like?” This topic can be controversial, but it also usually does not inspire animosity, just competition. Additionally, this is a great way to keep the men occupied so you can sneak off and make another cocktail.

How hard your classes are:

“I’ve spent so much time studying this semester.” “My classes are so challenging.” Anything you can say to gain either sympathy or pride from your family members is a win. This is also a great way to mentally prepare your parents for your not so stunning GPA come Christmas. 

What you’re thankful for:

“I’m grateful for everyone here.” “I’m so thankful for this amazing food.” This is a classic topic that’s guaranteed to get you through the main course without any animosity. It also allows for your family to reflect on why you love each other and really does set a good tone for the rest of the night.

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