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Name: Ryan Travisano

Year: Freshman

Age: 18

Major: Journalism in News and Information

Relationship Status: Single

Hometown: Anaheim, California

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Favorite TV Show: “House of Cards”

What would be your ideal first date? My ideal date would be at the beach. We would hang out from the early morning to the late night. We would just walk in the sand and spontaneously find things to do together.

Favorite things to do in your free time? I like to run and workout. I also enjoy playing my guitar and hanging out with friends.

What is your pet peeve? Well, I honestly don’t believe I have any pet peeves.

Are you a spicy food fanatic or more of a sugar kind of guy? I’m the type that enjoys both. I love my sugar and spice.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? In ten years I will have hopefully graduated from KU with a degree in Journalism. I hope to have a stable job that makes me happy.

What is your favorite word and why? My favorite word would probably be “relax,” because when I hear it I become aware that it is okay to stop worrying.

Is there a motto you live by? My motto would simply be, “Just do it”

If there was a zombie apocalypse where would you go or what would be your plan? My plan would be to make sure I am well supplied and well armed and find the safest place to live.

What is your favorite childhood memory? My favorite childhood memories include hanging out with my friends on our block and simply spending time with family.

Favorite Band: Pink Floyd

What has been most exciting since coming to KU? Definitely watching the football and basketball games. It’s fun seeing how close we are to wining home games and also big games.

If you were able to have dinner with a famous dead person who would it be? What would you talk about? I would have dinner with Abraham Lincoln and we would talk about his opinion on the current state of the United States.

(All Photos Provided by Ryan Travisano)


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