Red and Pink Color Schemes That Make Valentine’s That Much Better

Whether you love it or hate it (doesn’t it always depend on the people you spend it with?) Valentine’s Day is happening once again. While I happen to be on the fence, and have heard strong arguments for good old capitalism at play, I have to love the holiday for one reason: the aesthetically wonderful color scheme it promotes.

Red and pink have been one of my favorite combos for a while now, but once I started studying art, fashion, and design, I truly recognize it as one of the best. Instead of talking about love, hookups, chocolate, or roses, this Valentine’s week I’m going to show you proof and evidence that the colors should be carried throughout the year. Name a better combo, I’ll wait.


Glossier Perfume Bottle

I could write this entire post about how much I love Glossier. The company, what it stands for, and the quality products. The perfume is my go-to signature scent currently, and the bottle is one of the best things about the entire buy. And the colors? Perfect.


Asos Dress

Asos is a great company, and this dress just goes to prove it.The one shoulder, ankle length, and of course the blocking of the colors makes this dress a one of a kind. Where this on a date, to a brunch, or just around the house with a bottle of wine. Does it get any better?


Yes, these are my nails, and this article was inspired by them. My first ever acrylic set, it was a risky move getting these long coffin shapes glued to my nails, but I have no regrets. I’ve had them done since a week before Valentine’s, and I’m not sick of them yet!


These shoes are fierce. That tassel means business, dammit, and the little hot pink rim around the ankle insert? I see you working, red and pink. Combine these with that Asos dress and heads will be snapping everywhere you go.


Victoria Secret is one of the most popular lingerie companies, and Valentine’s Day is certainly no exception. With kiss marks scattered all over, these many shades of pink and red are hard at work to create an unforgettable bra combination.



This account is so aesthetically pleasing to begin with, but this swirl of candy pink and Pantone 1797 cherry red can’t get much better. Follow for many more color loving and appreciation, and be sure to keep an eye out for the classic red and pink everywhere you go this year!