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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Finals season is upon us! The next few weeks are sure to be a fast-paced blur of laptop screens, lecture notes and coffee. A lot of coffee. Where you decide to camp out to get work done can really affect how well you manage to do said work. I know I prefer the library (Watson not Anschutz!) when I’m on a time crunch and need to avoid distractions. A change of scenery can help; sometimes, it’s good to keep things a little interesting so your brain can feel refreshed every once in a while.

Watson library

The fourth and fifth floors of Watson are easily my go-to spots to be productive and get work done. The fifth floor in particular is stunning and peaceful. It definitely gives off immaculate dark academia vibes with the warm lighting and gothic windows. Like Anschutz, Watson has a coffee machine and vending machines so students can get their caffeine fix. The one con is that Watson is not open all night so be prepared to have to leave by midnight.

anschutz library

I know during finals, most KU students are just permanently camped in Anschutz. The building being open 24 hours, with a coffee machine and four floors of ample seating definitely makes Anschutz a well-loved study spot. Personally, it’s not my favorite of the libraries and the upper floors are never as quiet as I would like but, with all that said, Anschutz is the definitely the place for anyone looking to pull an all-nighter and cram at a library.

burge union

Given that I don’t find myself on this side of campus often, I don’t really go to the Burge Union much. But when I do, it’s always a pleasant experience. This building has way less foot traffic compared to the Memorial Union so there’s less distractions. Plus, the baristas at The Coffeehouse here are always super nice so you can get your caffeine fix to keep you going.

marvin grove

Marvin Grove has all the benefits of being outside in nature and open spaces along with little foot traffic so there’s limited distractions. Something about the trees and the quiet just makes it a peaceful setting. Like Potter Lake, there’s some limitations but with a little planning, Marvin Grove makes for a great study spot.

Kansas Union (1st Floor)

The bottom floor of the Union has a few spaces that are ideal to settle in and get some work done granted there aren’t other meetings being held there. The dining options and Hawk shop at the Union also mean you can load up on snacks beforehand.

potter lake

If the weather is on your side, Potter Lake is a lovely study spot. There’s definitely a sense of tranquility being by the water and outside in the fresh air. Of course, being outside means there’s some limitations so be sure to bring your jacket and have your laptop fully charged before settling in.

Hi! I'm Dulani and I'm double majoring in International Studies & Sociology with a minor in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies at KU. I am an unapologetic introvert, pop culture nerd and the resident mom friend.