Ranking the Most Popular Candy for Halloween

In 2017, Forbes ranked the most beloved Halloween candies. I decided to re-rank them for the 2019 Halloween season. Just keep these rankings in mind when you are trading candy at the end of the night.


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10. Butterfinger: I really do not know how these made the top ten. 

9. Nerds: These are good if you do not like chocolate. The problem is that you do not get very many in a box and they spill EVERYWHERE. You will have Nerds for Halloween then somehow find them in your room in January. 

8. Snickers: Snickers definitely has more to offer than just chocolate. Nougat and peanuts are thrown in there and while they are tasty, they get stuck in your teeth and sort of make a mess.

7. Twix: There is also more to offer here than just chocolate. The caramel is definitely a nice touch and is not as much of a mess as nougat in Snickers. 

6. Skittles: Skittles is great at offering a variety of flavor for those who are not too fond of chocolate. They have artificial coloring, but so does most candy so it is hard to avoid it.


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5. M&Ms: Basically just plain chocolate with artificial coloring. While tasty, it is still not the best.

4. Sour Patch Kids: The great thing about these is that there are regular Sour Patch Kids, but Sour Patch also has other flavors like watermelon. Not only is Sour Patch yummy, there are also lots of options.

3. Kit Kat: Chocolate with a nice crunch. The good thing is there are no nuts to worry about whether you are allergic or do not like them getting stuck in your teeth.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Peanut butter and chocolate are a classic and tasty combination. No one can resist these little cups that are so, so good.

  1. Hershey Bar: How can this not be number one? You can not go wrong with a Hershey Bar. It may not be the most glamorous chocolate, but it is still delicious. It is a fan favorite and enjoyed by all.



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