Raise Your Hand if You've Been Personally Victimized by Governor Sam Brownback

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of the writer and does not reflect on the beliefs of Her Campus KU.

Gov. Sam Brownback is a man who cares for only one thing in this world: himself. It's clear with recent (and some not-so-recent) decisions made by Kansas' elected leader that the only incentive our governor truly has is in his OWN best interest. Disappointment after disappointment, Brownback has made it clear to the heartland that on the list of his priorities, students, the LGBT community, women, the lower class, teachers, welfare-recipients, the unemployed or basically anything other than your upper-class, middle aged, cisgendered, white male falls quite low on his list. Let's make a list of all the failures of Kansas, thanks to our beloved Governor.

1. Most recently, Gov. Brownback signed a bill limiting Kansas welfare recipients to no more than $25 a day in spending, while also restricting any of this money to be spent on swimming pools, movie theaters, etc. This also comes with a restriction on how long you are able to receive welfare.

2. Gov. Brownback signed a bill allowing UNLICENSED Kansans the right to conceal and carry. This means that it is now legal to carry a weapon with no training, approval basis or precaution at all in the state of Kansas. Feel safe?

3. The Anti-Gay Segregation Bill. While this bill was shot down after a mere two days by the State Senate, it still proves the point of what our dear Gov. Brownback has on his agenda. This bill allows any public or private business, individual or group to refuse service/employment or even fire any member of the LGBT community based on "religious beliefs." This even goes so far to deny a gay couple the right to call the police, because the officer is legally allowed to refuse service. Thanks again, Brownback.

4. He actually managed to somehow CUT funding for Kansas schools, as if there was any money left to cut in the first place. The Wichita school district alone lost about $4.8 million dollars thanks to this lovely bill.

5. Thanks to good ol' Sammy, Kansas became the very first state to ban a common form abortion. Because women obviously don't deserve a say in what happens to their own body.

6. Though he failed, Brownback attempted to completely eliminate the Kansas Arts Commission. So of course he had to throw a tantrum and, instead of eliminating it, just banned all government funding toward it, making Kansas the very first state to de-fund its art programs.

7. He eliminated due process hearings, which are held for experienced Kansas teachers before the district is allowed to fire them. On top of this, Brownback decided to allow schools to hire UNLICENSED individuals to teach math and science classes. Because how can that go wrong, right?

8. Brownback has made his "anti-evolutionist" stance very clear, and also refuses to make it a mandatory subject taught in schools. Because who needs fact-based science, right?

9. Not only did Brownback highly advocate against the withdrawal of our troops from the Iraq War, but he proposed we SEND MORE.

10. Brownback has also made the statement that he is "anti-Muslim" because he is "anti-terrorism." Because obviously they're the same thing and it's always good to generalize an entire group of people and cast them into one category.

11. And to top it all off, Brownback also voted "yes" to cut special funding for any woman- and minority-owned businesses. We belong in the kitchen, clearly.

So all in all, it's clear that Kansas is blessed with a Governor that truly cares about ALL its citizens.

LOL, JK. We're all screwed.

(all untagged pictures courtesy of Recall Gov. Brownback Facebook page)