Purses To Buy When You Know You've Made It

I chose to go to college for many reasons. The main reason was that college would open doors to many future career opportunities I am interested in pursuing. College allows individuals to further their education, expand their world view, make professional connections, gain new experiences, get to know one’s self on a deeper level, and get a taste of independence before entering the real world (whatever that is...). That being said, if my university education helps me to find a career that fuels my creativity, satisfies me greatly, and allows me to be financially free, many great things can come as a result of that. 


Call me what you want, but in my personal opinion (and the opinion that everyone should agree with), anyone who works their ass off, frequently gives to others, and saves responsibly should splurge on themselves every once in a while. Everyone should splurge on a good bag, or maybe even a couple. It may be a little early for me to have picked out my luxury bags of choice, but in my defense, I know what I want. Also, things like this should not be snap-decision purchases. They are investment pieces that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. Carrie Bradshaw is the shoe girl, I’m the purse girl (annnnd everything else, but mainly purses). A girl can dream, and that girl will make those dreams possible.

Santa, if you’re reading this, you’re oh so very welcome to help make these dreams of mine come true sooner than in the next twenty years of my life. And to the most talented designers, whyyyy did you have to create such stunning, intricate sacks to lug around my most essential lip products, electronics, credit cards, and car keys (if I even have enough coin to spend on transportation after my extravagant purchases)??


Without further ado, the bags I will own one day (I’m manifesting, let me live): somewhat organized by size, smallest to largest.


Chloé Mini Faye Backpack

Color: Motto Grey

Price: $1,490

This backpack is small but mighty. The details on this little guy speak for themselves. The hardware is beautifully made and varies in size. The classic, signature metal circle in the center that the clasp attaches to has the perfect circumference. The clasp’s chain drapes across the front right of the mini backpack elegantly and casually at the same time. The zippers on both sizes balance out the bag. There are a variety of ways to carry the backpack. Of course, the traditional way with the two backpack straps, or the single strap that clips to both sides of the bag. Additionally, the bag can be slug on one shoulder using both backpack straps. Get creative! This Chloé mini ain’t going out of style any time soon.


Image Credit: Fashionphile


Judith Leiber Novelty Clutch

Lipstick Seductress

Price: $5,495

Anything covered in crystals I want. Something covered in crystals and lipstick related?! I’m SOLD! This clutch is indescribable. I’ve never wanted anything more. It’s incredibly intricate, and I can guarantee that you’ll be the only one in the room grasping such a one-of-a-kind clutch. Why am I trying to convince you? If you’re anything like me, you were sold after the first sentence. But just imagine. This beauty FILLED with your lipstick and gloss must haves!!! Heaven on earth! After purchasing, no worries picking out outfits when going out with this clutch. No one will be paying attention to your clothes when you’re holding this anyway.

P.S. If you’ve never heard of Judith Leiber... look her up. She was an incredible human. Her name definitely lives on, considering the purses and clutches she makes.

Image Credit: judithleiber.com

Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Pattern: Damier Ebene

Price: $1,230

This is by far one of the classiest purses to exist. It’s small, easy to carry anywhere, goes with every chic outfit, nor is it printed with a name or letters screaming obnoxiously. The muted tones of this bag pair nicely with black, white, tan, brown, or even muted orange or a hunter green. This is a great choice for anyone who wants a small purse, is not a fan of the original LV monogram on bags, or just wants to carry something that doesn’t take away from an outfit. Additionally, the Alma BB is on the less expensive scale of high-end designer bags.

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Celine Nano Luggage Bag

Color: Black

Price: $2,700

I really can’t get over this one. I know that I say that about every purse I mention, but this Nano is something else. This bag is structured, but not stiff. This is the everyday petite bag of all petite bags. The long strap attached to the Nano elongates the shape of the bag and makes it look a bit bigger than it is. At first glance, it’s incredibly simple. However, at closer look, this bag is anything but flat. It’s contour fluctuation, outer horizontal zipper, and stiff handles make this bag what it is.

Image Credit: Mediamarmalade

Judith Leiber Novelty Clutch

Wildcat Jaguar

Price: $5,495

I can promise that if you sport this clutch around town, no one will be talking about anything but you and your impeccable fashion sense all. Night. Long. This is not just a clutch, it’s an art piece. A collector’s item! That’s why it’s a very necessary accessory.

Image Credit: Lyst 

Chanel Small Classic Handbag

Color: Black

Price: $5,000

The queen of allll handbags. If I had to make a million-dollar bet with someone about the only handbag that will never go out of style, I would confidently put my money on this baby. Young, old, it doesn’t matter who wears this. Edgy, boho, classy, conservative, no sense worrying this bag won’t pair well with your style. This bag looks good on everyone and fits well with any vibe. I prefer the smaller version of the classic because it isn’t as long horizontally as the Classic version. Personally, the original Classic Handbag seems unusually large to be held by a long shoulder strap. But, by all means, if you’re about to spend 5K on a bag, go with what you like the best.

Image Credit: Boutique Patina

Chanel Small Boy Handbag

Pattern: Galuchat, Calfskin, Gold-Ton Metal

Color: Black

Price: $6,000

So glamorous. So decadent. So stunning. Loud, without being loud. Please bury me with this bag. If I had to say “I love you” to one handbag, it would be this one. This bag is to me what Manolo Blahniks are to Carrie Bradshaw. Pricey, but worth every penny. I might not have a roof over my head after this purchase, but at least I’ll be happy with my Metallic Boy Bag on my shoulder in my paper box.

Image Credit: handbag.hanwei.us

*Not exact bag described, purse in image shows silver hardware, purse described has gold hardware

Celine Mini Luggage Handbag

Color: Black

Price: $3,100

I believe every woman should have a shoulder bag that they can rely on for everything. Somewhat structured, but not ‘stick-up-the-ass’ (in a hot way) structured. Save that for Givenchy.


I am well aware that Celine considers this “mini.” It is not mini. It’s the perfect sized shoulder bag. This handbag says “I’m sophisticated, driven, but also relaxed. Don’t cross me, but let’s go get drinks!”

Image Credit: Pinterest

Givenchy Small Antigona Bag

Color: Black

Price: $2,290

You might not use a structured bag every afternoon, but it’s there for all important occasions. Fashion has no rules, but I prefer carrying a structured bag around in the evening and for the days I’ve been thinking about for months. This structured bag is for interviews, brunch with the in-laws, work dinners, signing on the house- it's the putting-someone-in-their-place bag. No one does structure better than Givenchy.

Image Credit: Neiman Marcus

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

Pattern: Monogram

Price: $1,400

The largest bag, but potentially the most used. I’m not the biggest fan of monogramed bags, but I have to make an exception for the Neverfull. It’s just soooo good. The best airport bag to ever come into existence. You can carry absolutely every essential in this, I can’t promise your keys won’t get lost at the bottom, but It will fit everything. My favorite feature of this bag isn’t even the bag itself. It’s the fact that it still looks amazing with yoga pants and a long down puffer coat or what I consider the “soccer mom jacket.” The LV Neverfull dresses up any outfit and can be worn anywhere. In hopefully less than a decade, you will find me in Louis Vuitton purchasing this tote to signify that “I’ve made it.” At least, in my eyes.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

And before then, I shall rent these timeless bags. I hope your fascinations aren’t as expensive as mine. xoxo