Pulling an All-Nighter As Told by JOHN CENA

1. When you realize it's 10 p.m. and you have a 10 page paper due the next morning that you've yet to start.

2. When you look over the topic and think, "I got this."

 3. When you finally get settled in to start the paper, feeling motivated as ever! 

4. But then you end up staring at the cursor as it blinks on your blank page for a solid 20 minutes.

5. When you decide to look for sources to get the ball rolling, but don't even know where to begin.

6. When you realize you've been citing your sources incorrectly for the past three pages.

7. When you just want to go to bed and say screw it, but the fear of failing the class holds you back.

8. When you try to sneakily repeat information with as many words as you can fit into a sentence in order to meet the length requirement.

9. When you realize the reference page counts towards that length requirement.

10.  When you complain about your situation to someone and they reply with something like "shouldn't have waited till the last minute."

11. When you finally finish and jump into your bed with just enough time for a power nap before class.

12. But then you accidently sleep through your alarm and have to sprint to class to turn the paper in.

13. When you smugly give your paper to your teacher, who warned you that "This isn't an assignment you can put off until last minute."