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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Whatever brings you comfort in college, notice and appreciate the little things.

Reading a book: I know it can be hard to find justification for leisure reading in college; courses consistently assign reading material, making shows or movies more appealing than books. However, the serenity of reading needs acknowledgement. After spending the majority of the day staring at and working on laptops, the last thing your mind needs is more screen time. Books offer the same escape from reality without the stress on your brain.

Working on a mindless activity: If you struggle with feeling guilty for spending time doing nothing, find a productive activity that takes little concentration: fold your laundry or clean the dishes. Just find something to keep your hands activated and your mind blank so you can take a mental break from the day.

Walking to class: Walking can be very peaceful, even on a college campus. Especially in the morning, walks to classes are a great, calm way for you to collect your thoughts before the busyness of the day starts. 

Eating in silence: College invites so much commotion into our lives, it’s easy for quiet to become uncomfortable. Even eating alone in your room can feel awkward; we put a movie on in the background or some music to fill the space. Meal time may be the only time you can spend alone in your day. Take advantage of that time and just sit there with yourself and your own thoughts. The simple act of eating is enough; there shouldn’t need to be something else occurring in the background.

Making a meal/snack: Although it may be hard depending on your living situation, cooking can bring a lot of comfort and peace to your day. One of the most calming things to do is to wake up a little early in the morning to make your own breakfast and coffee. Especially if you add some chill music in the background, you can start the day with some serenity and a feeling of control. 

Find your pockets of peace throughout the day and hold onto them.

Hi my name is Audrey! I'm majoring in Strategic Communications at KU- so excited for you to take a look at my writing:)