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Perfect White Elephant Gifts for Any Crowd

Swear Word Coloring Book


What we have here is gift that combines coloring, swearing, and relieving stress all in one. This coloring book full of swear-words adds real weight to the term “adult coloring book” and will have people stealing this gift turn after turn at any white elephant party.

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World’s Smallest Vacuum


Most people probably don’t even know this item exists, so how would they know this is what they’ve been needing? This vacuum is the perfect size for the office, fully functional, and is the cutest darned cleaning device I’ve ever seen.

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Zen Garden


Almost everyone wants a Zen garden for their desk, but no one actually wants it bad enough to go out and buy it for themselves. Save them the trouble and bring the perfect, yet useless, yet totally necessary commodity.

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Yes, you read that right. These are literal stress balls. We all know people who have a lot of stress and worry on their mind and probably haven’t passed a vibe-check in weeks. Gifting this phallic-shaped stress toy is a surefire way to diminish all the anxiety in that person’s life. Who could still be in a bad mood after giving this thing a squeeze? Just cupping it in your hand can put a smile on even the most on-the-verge-of-a-mental-breakdown individual.

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Microwave Cooking for One


If you’re a single young adult going to a party attended by other single young adults, this could be a very useful item to offer. By bringing this gift you would provide the recipient with very useful information while also motivating them to take a look at how they’re doing as a grown-up.


Framed Tweet

Frame: $7.99

Tweet: Priceless

We all love having a new piece of home décor to jazz up our space for the new year, and there’s just something about printing out a tweet, putting it in a golden picture frame and then hanging it on your wall that just speaks sophistication on so many levels. Chrissy Teigen, the queen of Twitter, posted this iconic one-liner in July of 2017 and it was this exact tweet that caused President Trump to then block her on Twitter. What a wonderful moment that can now be memorialized on the walls of someone’s home.


Nerf Gun


Because, simply put, it’s Nerf or nothin’.


Kilty Pleasures Calendar


It’s Christmas time, which means the new year is approaching. A fun calendar is a perfect gift to give someone you barely know this time of year and this calendar is a great contender. Kilty Pleasures brings you buff men in kilts with a new pun on every page so there’s something for everyone.




Chances are, they already know how to play it!


Selfie Toaster


If you really want to spoil one lucky person this Christmas and totally ace this white elephant gift exchange, go with the never disappointing Selfie Toaster. Everyone on this earth has at some point in their life wished to have the image of their face charred into a piece of toast; I guarantee it. For the appropriate price of $75.00 you can make someone’s dream come true. Heck, I would steal this gift right back if I brought it to a white elephant party.

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