Oh Wonder: A Dynamic Duo


The Granada, located on Mass St., is known for hosting amazing concerts; past concerts have included G-Eazy, Shaggy, the Ying Yang Twins, and many more.


There are plenty more concerts on the way, but my number one pick is coming up on October fifth.


Oh Wonder is a London-based music duo – Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West; starting in September 2014, they had released one song a month for a whole year. All of those songs were put into their first self-titled album that was released in early September of 2015.  


When they were asked why they released a song every month, the duo responded, “Initially we wanted to set ourselves a challenge that had concrete deadlines and release dates, not only to push us to make art but also to create an opportunity to actually release the music; putting it out into world is the best feeling ever.”


Their songs have a slow – mellow like sound with their voices combined perfectly, making for a pleasing listening experience. Some have described it as “Jazz, R&B and electronic acrobatics”.

The duo’s first television performance was on “Conan”, which aired January 20th, 2016; they performed “Lose It”.




Naming my favorite song is quite difficult – each song has a different message. However, my favorite is the very first song I had ever heard from them, it’s called “Technicolour Beat”.




Although every song is different, they all have a similar theme. Josephine explains what that theme is: “I think the things that unite all the songs are human relationships and the importance of love and being there for people.” She goes on to describe how sad it is that people come and go without trying to connect with one another.


Their most viewed video on “YouTube” is “Without You” – it has 19.6 million views.




When the duo was asked what their goal for the future was, they responded, “I don’t think we have one finite goal; it’s just really important to us to keep making music. We are loving this process, it’s really nourishing and affirming. That said, a Grammy for Best Song wouldn’t be a bad thing.”


Not only is this duo gifted, but they are humble in what they do. Seeing them in concert would be an amazing experience, and completely worth it.


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