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You can tell a lot about a girl by the look of her crocs.

It seems like a straight-forward trait; however, it is not.

First off, are the crocs worn?

Or are they just for clout?

Is the heal strap torn?

Does she wear them all about?

Are they worn in the sun, rain, or snow?

On many walks do they go?

Does she push fashion limits and wear them with some jibbitz?


Wearing the right colored crocs, a girl will glow.

Hot pink, blue, green, yellow, or white.

Oh, what a sight!

Some say to wear crocs is not right.

Why try to impose rules like dictators?

Back off haters!


Trekking around in my crocs,

It’s like a negative energy-detox.

I’ve never felt happier or more free,

Crocs will always be for me!Source

After reading Her Campus for a couple years, Zoe has decided to give it a shot.
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