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Nathan Fordyce ’13

Name: Nathan Fordyce

Age: 21

Year in school: Senior

Major: Journalism

Minor: Film Studies

Hometown: York Springs, PA

Relationship status: Single

Interests/Campus Activities: Sports, University Daily Kansan

Celebrity crush: Jennifer Aniston

Three words to describe yourself: Flirtatious, driven, confident

One surprising fact about yourself: I’ve a had my patch of white hair since I was 15. Too young to get it, but it makes me distinguished.

Perfect date: I would take her on a picnic on a brisk spring day, and then go to a play (not a movie). After the play, we would go downtown to get ice cream or coffee. I would end the date by going to a lake and lying under the stars.

Turn-ons: A big white smile, green or brown eyes and an outgoing personality with a great sense of humor.

Turn-offs: Too uptight!

Guilty pleasure: Listening to R. Kelly. Yeah he’s mellow and sappy, but he’s just so good.

Craziest thing you have done to impress a girl: It’s not crazy, but completely stupid, well maybe it’s crazy. I once bought a girl 7 drinks at the bar. Not a good night for my wallet!

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