Nail Polish For Every Mood

Want to know what your nail polish says about you? Trying to boost your confidence before a big event? Needing to relax and find inner peace? Read about how your nails can affect your moods!

Red: sassy, aggressive. Go out and be the passionate person you are!

Yellow: productive, vibrant. Get that one thing finally off your to-do list.

Orange: warm, adaptable. Talk to a stranger.

Green (olive): thankful, generous. Give a compliment to someone who needs it.

Green (neon): reliable, passionate. Call an old friend to catch up.

Purple: brave, prepared. Start a plan for your bucket list.

Light Pink: angelic, centered. Channel your inner mom/grandma and bake a pie.

Hot Pink: glamorous, bold. Go shopping!

Fruity: outgoing, loud. Go to a social event.

Cheesy: unique, hungry. Get Chipotle.

Rainbow: eager, creative. Paint a canvas.

Tie Dye: radiant, charismatic. Invent the lyrics to a song.

Hologram: strong, self-assured. Go run a mile!

White: gentle, youthful. Reflect on the last book you read.

Black: balanced, sincere. Meal prep for your day tomorrow.

French: clean, alluring. Tidy up your bathroom.

Blue: lively, honest. Post something on your social media that you normally wouldn't.

Watermelon: zestful, nourished. Take a warm bubble bath.

Neon rainbow animal print: just too much. Take a cotton swab and some nail polish remover. ASAP.