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My Top 10 Favorite Springtime Things

It’s finally the start of spring! The warm weather creeping over the horizon, blessing us with its beautiful new beginnings. After a cold winter, I bet we all are glad for the change in seasons! But now that spring is upon us, it’s time for spring activities! After being cooped up in our houses and apartments, some fresh air can do all of us some good!

I’ve decided to make a list of my top 10 favorite springtime things! Hopefully, they will inspire everyone to get outside and enjoy the fresh, warm springtime air! (Remember, please stay safe, social distance, and wear a mask!)

10. Watching Gardens Bloom with Flowers

I’ve decided to start off with something we can all enjoy: watching the gardens change with the seasons! With springtime comes green and bright colors. One of my favorite things to do in the springtime is watching our garden come to life with the warmer weather. The trees turn green again and little, bright flowers pop up from under the soil. Their bright colors always bring me joy to look at!

Gardens can be in one’s own front yard or all over the city! There is nothing like the feeling of seeing flowers in a yard and knowing that spring has finally come. It brings a sense of relief that winter is finally over. Keep a lookout for the flowers and greenery coming soon!

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9. Bird Watching

As the birds fly south for the winter, their pleasant presence is sorely missed. But as springtime arrives, little chirps can be heard again! I love watching birds and keeping an eye out for new types that arrive in our backyard! Last spring, my family and I loved to watch the birds in our backyard who enjoyed our bird feeder. It was so fun to see if we could spot a new species!

Birds coming back symbolize spring, and nothing says spring like waking up to chirps right outside your window. If you don’t feel safe leaving your house, bird watching can be a fun activity to enjoy inside as well! Try getting a book on local birds and try spotting as many as you can! 

8. Garage Sales

New beginnings come with spring cleaning, and with spring cleaning comes garage sales! I love garage sale weekend during the spring. It’s so fun to wake up on a weekend, look outside, and see all the people out and about selling off their stuff. It signifies a fresh start for all, and new items for you!

Walking around from house to house checking out all the cheap items is always a fun spring activity! You never know what you can find. In the past, I’ve found chairs, cool candles, and a desk that I still use today! With COVID, things might be different this year. If garage sales still take place, hopefully, they can be done in a safe manner. But even if they don’t happen, spring cleaning is still a great way to bring about a fresh start this spring!

7. Going on Walks

Another fun activity is going on walks! I know I love walking around the neighborhood or city when the sun is high and the smell of spring is in the air! Walks are great for the mind and for taking a relaxing break from the busy day. Walks can be taken any time of the year, but during the springtime, I think they are the best! (Ignoring springtime allergies)

I took so many walks last spring at the beginning of quarantine. They brought me closer to my brothers and helped take my mind off the scary times. Walks are great either alone or with others. Hopefully, many can get out this spring and just take a little break from the day by going on a walk! 

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6. Mother’s Day

There are a few holidays during the spring season like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. But my favorite is Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day this year is May 9th, and it’s the day to celebrate all that mothers do for us! I love my mom so much and taking the day to honor all she does for me is amazing! I wouldn’t be the person I am without her!

We celebrate Mother’s Day by usually going on a picnic with my whole family on my mother’s side. We didn’t do it this past year because of COVID, and we probably won’t be able to do it again this year. I will also be away from my mom on Mother’s Day this year. But I will try my hardest to make sure she knows how much I appreciate her despite not being with her! If Mother’s Day isn’t the holiday for you, then other great spring holidays are coming up soon! Celebrate safely!

5. Spring Rain

Not only does the spring season bring sunshine and warmer weather, but also spring showers! Rain is my favorite weather of all time, and spring rain just hits in a different way. I love waking up on a lazy weekend to the pitter-patter of rain on my window, the skies slightly gray and the smell of rain in my nose. 

I’m hoping for some nice rain storms this spring, and Kansas usually gets some great rains! The quote “March winds and April showers bring May flowers” really captures one of the best parts of spring. And sometimes rain can help just wash away worries, give a day to relax, and once the sun comes out again, things can be reset. A colorful rainbow after a nice rain! 

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4. Going to the Zoo

Another fun spring activity is going to the zoo! Kansas City is so fun to visit to see the animals and just experience being out after a long winter. From the polar bear to the lions to the elephants, all animals are so cool to see! Spring means the animals are running around again and you usually can see new, little animals as well! No matter the state you live in, most have great zoos or petting zoos one can visit that open in the spring!

The KC Zoo has taken measures to be safe during COVID so people and families can continue to visit. But if you don’t feel safe going, many zoos have online live cameras where viewers can watch the animals! Either way, going to the zoo is a great springtime activity. No matter how many times you go to the same zoo, it’s always a new experience with the animals!

3. Chalk

Over quarantine, my brothers and I got back into using chalk. Growing up it was one of my favorite things to draw with on the sidewalk. Being older now, I found out that chalk still is as great as it was when I was a child. The spring weather encourages everyone to get outside and drawing with chalk can be a fun way to spend that time. 

Whether you are older or young, chalk allows everyone to be creative and have fun! And if you aren’t artistic, it doesn’t matter, it will probably wash away after a few days. Chalk is cheap and can be bought everywhere. Chalk brings back a sense of childhood as well! This spring, try going outside and coloring with chalk if you can! 

2. Picnics

When most people think of springtime activities, they think of picnics! Picnics are a great way to get outside and connect with friends and have some good food. Everyone can take in the bright greens and feel the sun on their skin. Picnics can be done at parks or fields or in yards, anywhere outside basically!

With COVID, sharing food might not be the safest thing. But if people socially distance themselves and bring their own food, picnics can be a great springtime activity even during the pandemic! I love to go on picnics and enjoy good food with my friends! I definitely plan on going on picnics this spring! It will be great especially after this very cold winter. 

1. Going to the Farmer’s Market

My all-time favorite spring activity is going to the Farmer’s Market! The Downtown KC Farmer’s Market is one of the best places to be on spring and summer weekends. Everyone is out and about and taking in the nice weather! It’s a great way to get fresh food and find new things you can try. Every year I love to get fresh peaches, honey, and cherries. My mom loves to get bright red tomatoes with fresh mozzarella (I hate tomatoes, but they are the best when from the Farmer’s Market).

Right now it’s more important than ever to support local businesses and farmers during the pandemic. If everyone wears masks and follows the safety guidelines, I recommend taking advantage of going to the Farmer’s Market this spring!

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I hope everyone enjoyed my list of some of the best springtime things! There are so many more as well that I didn’t list, but I hope I have inspired everyone to try and partake in some of the ones above! This list isn’t anything new, probably most people have done almost everything on the list before. But it’s supposed to be a reminder of all the great things springtime allows us to do. Or just things to step back and take in to enjoy nature! They are a great way to enjoy the new weather, take a break from work or school, and just have fun!

Please stay safe and follow local guidelines for COVID if you do some of the activities! Even so, many of them can be done from home! Have fun!!

Hi! My name is Alex Corbin and I'm a sophomore at KU majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience in the Pre-Med track! I'm a huge movie and TV show fan, and my life has been taken over by TikTok. I hope you like reading my articles!
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