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Must-See TV Shows

So maybe you’re running out of things to watch, or ‘fandoms’ to be in. What if maybe your show(s) had their mid-season finale or worse- your show(s) just did their finale and you have to wait for the next season? Now you may need something else to watch or maybe all you want is something new to watch even though you probably already have plenty of shows to see. 

These seven TV series have either recently began or they’re just too good!

1. “Twisted”: A troubled young male returns to his hometown and meets up again with his childhood best friends. When another young female is murdered, all signs point to him. 

2. “Star-Crossed”: Aliens land on Earth and forced to live in a camp together separated from the humans. One of the alien falls in love with a human, they meet up again when few of the aliens are selected to attend high school with humans.

3. “Believe”: A young girl forms a friendship with her protector, a man who was in prison. She is gifted and the man is to protect her from those who want her powers.

4. “The 100”: Civilization ended on earth after a nuclear war destroyed everything, many countries were able to send out ships to outer space with occupants. This is set after 97 years have passed since coming to space. Young delinquents, 100, were selected to be sent back to Earth as they are in dire need as issues are growing over the space craft everyone is living on.

5. “Reign”: Mary Queen of Scots, is focused on in this. She is sent to France when she was only a teenager to marry.

6. “The Originals”: This is a spin-off from Vampire Diaries, having been introduced in that series as well. Three vampires are the focus of this, as they are vampires of The Original family.

7. “Game of Thrones”: Everyone wants to control Westeros. This is on seven noble families who are doing what they can to gain control of the mythical land.

There’s loads that I would love to add to the list but these seven are pretty good! So check them out! 

Ashley Ponce-Cardenas is a junior majoring in Business Adminsitration at the University of Kansas. 
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