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Mr. KU Finalist: Kenny Nguyen

1. Name: Kenny Nguyen

2. Major: Applying to the School of Education for exercise science

3. Year: 2019

4. Hometown: Dodge City, Kansas (GO SOUTHWEST KANSAS)

5. What are three things you want to do before you graduate? Study abroad like four times, discover a hidden spot on campus and make it my spot, and kiss the person I love under the Campanile while the bells are ringing.

6. If you could be anyone in the world, who would it be and why? If I could be anyone in the world, it would have to be Lizzie Velasquez.  You may better know her has “the ugliest girl in the world,” but what I see when I look at Lizzie is a beautiful confident women that strives to be successful and an advocate for bullying.  I love that she is able to turn all the negativity in her life into positive momentum to drive her life in the way she wants it to.  That’s having control over the situation and that’s a skill that does not come easy.   

7. If you won the lottery, what would you do first? If I won the lottery, I would pay off all my student loans and the rest of my education.  I would then start a scholarship fund for minority students that do not get the same privileges as everyone else.

8. What is your favorite memory at KU so far? Being a student at KU for only a few months, so far my favorite memory at KU would be the point where I was walking down on Jayhawk Blvd. with my new founds friends and realizing that I am finally a college student at wonderful institution.

9. Where do you see yourself five years from now? In five years, I see myself finishing up school and getting a career as a physical therapist or occupational therapist.  Ultimately, seeing where life takes me and enjoying myself.

10. Why do you think you deserve the title of Mr. KU?​ My quirky personality, optimistic outlook,and my tenacious attitude are what I can say are my best qualities.  I just think that Mr. KU is a really fun opportunity for an outstanding cause.  I don’t “deserve” the title of Mr. KU, because I’m sure the nine other gentlemen deserve it as much as I do! I’m just looking for a way to get out there and enjoy my time here at KU! 

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