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The Most Unique (and bizarre) Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Move over Thanksgiving, Christmas season is officially here. Along with the caroling and hot chocolate sipping, the stress of buying presents continues to dampen the holiday spirit. Instead of buying another pair of fuzzy socks for your sister or candles from Bath and Body Works for your besties, take this holiday season to a whole new level. Below are a few gift ideas that are unique, hilarious and even a little bizarre. Let the holiday games begin. (Links to all gifts at the bottom).

What Do You Meme 

We all have that one friend who tags you in an average of 15 memes a day. This one’s for them.  

The Guzzle Buddy

For all the wine lovers out there who are too #classy to drink straight out of the bottle. Now you can drink wine out of a glass. . . straight out of the bottle. Embrace the classiness ladies and gentlemen.

Poo - Pourri

Sharing a bathroom with multiple girls can be messy and stinky. This magical formula will keep your bathroom smelling fresh no matter. Just spray in the toilet, do your thing and off you go! 

Taco Truck Taco Holders

Tacos are the way to anyone’s heart. Ditch the mess with these taco holders so you can focus on alllll the goodness.

Not Your Average Socks 

If you’re insistent on giving your loved one’s socks, at least be creative about it. These socks come in all sorts of realistic food cravings, enough to make your stomach grumble.

DIY Boyfriend Pillow

This is for all your single friends. Put that creativity to the test and give all your single gals the perfect spooning partner. Go commitment necessary!

Potty Putter 

The perfect gift for your boyfriend or brother or male friend or maybe-a-thing-maybe-not. You can kill two birds with one stone! Keep him occupied while he goes about his business and help out his golf game, too. He’ll truly appreciate the thought.

Passive Aggressive Notes

Have a friend who dislikes confrontation? This book is for them! It will bring their passive aggressiveness to a whole new level.


What Do You Meme

Guzzle Buddy

Pou Pourri

Taco Truck Taco Holder


Boyfriend Pillow

Potty Putter

Passive Aggressive Notes


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