The Most Dateable and Undateable Rom Com Characters

The Dateable

Lloyd Dobler - Say Anything

Okay ladies, Lloyd Dobler is a dream man. He's shy, quiet, sweet, protective, and all about his girl Diane in Say Anything . And the scene where he blasts "In Your Eyes" through his boombox? Iconic.


Patrick Verona - 10 Things I Hate About You

Patrick starts off as a bad boy as he made a bet with school douche Joey that he could date Kat and make her fall in love so Joey could date Kat's younger sister Bianca could go out with Joey. Patrick ends up falling for her and his bad boy exterior crumbles. So cliche' I know, but look at his stare!  And the scene where he sings to Kat from the football stands makes my heart flutter.


Josh - Clueless

Joey is Cher's dorky ex-stepbrother. He's back from school and is working for Cher's lawyer father. He's goofy, smart, and has boyish good looks. And it's Paul Rudd who went to KU, so he's obviously a total catch.


Andrew Paxton - The Proposal

RYAN REYNOLDS! Wow, what a man. His character Andrew is bending over backward for his boss Margaret, and I mean he deserves a raise because he's willing to marry her so she won't be deported. What a man right? He ends up realizing he loves her and she loves him back and they get engaged for real; despite his daddy issues and the fact that she'll have to travel to Alaska for future family events, yikes. 

Cliff Pantone - Bring it On

Cliff is a quirky guy who moves to Torrance's school with his stud of a gymnast sister. He keeps to himself and admires Torrance from afar. He's insightful and attentive to her feelings, and he also has a cute face. 10x better than her cheating ex-boyfriend.

Jacob Palmer - Crazy, Stupid, Love

HOLY SMOKES RYAN GOSLING HAVE MY CHILDREN. Ryan Gosling's character Jacob is such a smoke show in this film. He's a  well-dressed playboy throughout most of the film until he meets his protege's daughter Hannah and the two fall in love. Jacob has the body of a God ("Seriously?! It's like your photoshopped) and a heart of gold.


Robbie Hart - The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler plays one of his best roles as Robbie Hart. Robbie just got out of a bad relationship (he was cheated on by his fiancee) and has his job as a depressed and newly single wedding singer. He meets Julia and her awful fiance and becomes attracted to her. He eventually wins her with his music and kind heart.


Harry Burns - When Harry Met Sally

Harry is a downer I'll admit. But whenever he's around Sally, he's fun and in the moment. Sure he has his ups and downs around her but the two are best friends and don't care what emotions one another sees. After sleeping together one night, both realize they love and miss each other. Go watch Harry's New Year's Eve speech to Sally, it makes me cry every time.


Prime Minister David - Love Actually

One of the most famous men in England, his whole life is under the camera's lens. He loves his country and he loves the new secretary. Adoring her from afar, he watches her (not in a creepy way I promise) and then makes his big move at an elementary school Christmas play. The scene is funny and shows his personal side. Plus, Hugh Grant is great.


Benjamin Barry - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY ENOUGH SAID. What a God, we are not worthy. I know this movie is about two business peoples conniving plot to make one another fall and love and lose each other in 10 days. He's seductive and kind, he also puts up with Kate Hudson's crazy antics like a pro. The two were made for each other and they can spend the rest of their lives being HONEST with each other.


The Un-Dateable


Daniel Cleaver - Bridget Jones’ Diary

Daniel is Bridget's boss and he is a slimeball. He's a sex addict, liar, and strings poor Bridget along. Rule #1: Don't get romantically involved with your douchey boss.


Aldous Snow - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

What a hoot Aldous Snow is. He is a terrible singer and lyricist and brings out the worst in Sarah. Aldous is sleazy and looks like he could have a couple STD's. Not something you wanna crawl in bed with.


Warner - Legally Blonde

Oh Warner. Warner is a grade-A pretty boy who is extremely privileged. He breaks up with Elle at the very beginning so he can go to Harvard Law School. He seems a little dumb for that as he is portayed to be insanely smart. He's not so smart if he dumped one of the best defense lawyers out there, you go Elle!


Elton - Clueless

As if! Elton is a rich boy at Cher's high school who thinks he's entitled to any girl in school. Personally, I don't get the hype, he's not even that swoon-worthy. He tries to corner Cher in his car after an aggressive conversation on carpooling after a busted party. NOT COOL MAN.



Justin - She’s the Man

What a jerk Justin is. He thought Viola couldn't handle the boys team after her girls team got defunded by her school. He made fun of her in front of her teammates and belittled her, questioning her Mia Hamm like soccer skills. She showed him alright, girl power!


Steff - Pretty in Pink

Another entitled white dude. Steff meddles in Blaine's relationship with Andie and even has the nerve to hit on her a couple of times. Silly Blaine also does little to nothing for most of the movie and Stiff basically controls who Blaine talks to and what he does. Pretty selfish and rude if you ask me.


John Tucker - John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker must die is such an underrated movie. John is the king of his high school and flirts with almost every girl he sees. He loves to talk with his bros about bangin chicks and the hottest girls around school. He even has the nerve to date four girls at the same time. Digusting. 


Prince Humperdink - Princess Bride

Another 80's jerk. Prince Humperdink is selfish and mean. He is also a murderer who has his knights do his dirty work for him. He gets some well deserved justice at the end and he loses Princess Buttercup who obviously belongs with Wesley. 


Joey - 10 Things I Hate About You

Joey is the top babe at Bianca's high school and he has taken an interest in her; he can't officially date her until her older sister starts dating because of Bianca's dad's rules. All Joey cares about is what Bianca can do for him, a typical teenage male. Joey is a pretentious up-and-coming model who cares too much about his appearance and his poses. And he just needs Bianca around to tell him that? Ugh, bye Joey!