Meet the President: Razan Mansour

Starting in the fall of 2018, the new president of HCKU will begin her guidance over the club, helping to organize and manage both day-to-day tasks as well as year-long events and meetings. Meet Razan Mansour!

Razan is majoring in applied behavioral science and minoring in communication studies, with plans to graduate in May 2019. Her goal as president of HCKU is to empower women. She plans to do this by raising awareness about issues that directly affect women and women identifying individuals . 

Her favorite thing about being a part of Her Campus is the relationships that are formed through the club. "Some of the most inspirational women I have met are through this organization," she says. These relationships are apparent- we recently had an end of year event at her home, playing games, watching New Girl, and sharing chips and cupcakes.

Some fun facts about Razan is that she loves to travel and listen to music in her free time, as well as watching This Is Us on Hulu. She enjoys eating Spinach Alfredo pizza and also is passionate about Barrack Obama (he has been a topic of discussion multiple times in events/meetings). 

Razan plans to attend graduate school after May 2019 to get her PhD in public health. "I want to be a behavior analyst and look into health disparities." She has always been very welcoming and opening to members, both returning and new, and her position as president is well deserved.  

When asked for a go-to quote for her term as president, Razan responded: "Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives this strength." We are all excited for next year and to work with Razan to make changes and empower women all around the country!