Marian Phillips '18

Name: Marian Phillips

Major: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies with a dual major in Creative Writing

Born: Kansas City

Hometown: Washington, Pennsylvania 

Instagram: @Mariiphilly

Last thing you watched on Netflix: X-Files

Pet Peeve: The sound of people chewing

Favorite Pizza Topping: Green peppers

Album you've been listening to the most lately: I Don't Think It Is, the new Say Anything

Favorite Animal: Cats. Love a good cat.

Dream Date: I like cheesy things, so like a drive-in or a '50s diner.

Least Favorite Animal: Horses. Hate horses

Favorite Snack: Voodoo chips

Two sites you spend the most time on: Tumblr & Facebook

Celebrity Crush: David Duchovny

Favorite thing in your closet: My T.U.K. pointed creepers

How many tattoos do you have: 40-ish. Mid 40 range

Are there any words that gross you out: Tender

Go-to Taco Bell order: 2 cheesy bean and rice burritos from the dollar menu and a 7-layer burrito.