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Make the Switch to These Eco-Friendly Hygiene Products

It might've been your New Year's resolution to live more sustainably, but if you're like me, you've realized it's a lot harder than you initially thought to find "eco-friendly" products that are actually legit and fit into a college budget. A big part of the plastic waste problem in the United States comes from the everyday bathroom products sold in plastic containers that can't be recycled. When you take into account all of the hair products and skin care essentials we go through regularly, switching up your bathroom products would make a significant difference to the amount of plastic waste we produce every year. So, to help out all my other sustainability queens and in honor of Earth Day, I've compiled a list of six easy swaps you can make just in your bathroom to lead a more sustainable household.  

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1. Blueland Hand Soap Tablets

We all love the hand soaps from a certain retailer who always knows how to make their products smell indistinguishable from baked goods, but those single-use plastic dispensers just aren't it. Blueland has created a service where you can purchase their glass "Forever Bottle" one time, and you only have to fill it with their powerful hand soap tablets that, when mixed with water, become a beautiful foaming hand soap that is cheaper and more sustainable than the leading brand. For $16, you can get a Forever Bottle and the equivalent of three bottles of soap in the form of dry soap tablets. Blueland also has a “Clean Essentials” package with other household cleaning supplies.


2. Bite Toothpaste

Similar to Blueland, Bite also uses dehydrated tablets to deliver powerful cleaning power without the plastic containers. When using Bite’s toothpaste tablets, the perfectly portioned serving will break down into a foamy toothpaste as you’re brushing. If you’re a little apprehensive of using Bite’s tablets as a replacement from your usual toothpaste, don’t worry. You can get a free four month’s supply when you sign up, and after your trial is up it’s only $12 for a refill. Bite also has a whitening gel and dental floss that come in refillable glass containers.

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3. Public Goods Tree Free Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is made of bamboo, but don’t worry, it’s still just as soft as regular toilet paper. Making this toilet paper with bamboo and sugar cane helps save the trees and reduce pollution because the roll breaks down faster than regular TP. Public Goods didn’t just stop at toilet paper, they also have tree-free tissues, napkins, and other paper products. The tree free toilet paper is sold for $6 for a package of 6 rolls, and the best part is: it's triple-ply!


4. Daye Tampons

Like everything else I've purchased this month, I saw this product on TikTok. Everything about Daye tampons are great. This company went as a far as to make their packaging not just eco-friendly, but actually water-soluble. That’s right, the tampon wrappers are made of wood pulp and can actually be flushed down the toilet with no worries of it causing plumbing issues or contributing to pollution. Also, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals in the tampons because they are made completely out of organic cotton fibers. Unfortunately, Daye does not yet ship to the US. However, the website has the option for you to sign up to be notified when they do, which I of course put my name down for.

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5. The Earthling Co. Zero Waste Cartel Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Personally, I have been dying to try these. I’ve tried shampoo and conditioner bars before for traveling, but I have yet to try the shampoo and conditioner bars from The Earthling Co. At $15 for one bar, these products are a bit on the pricey side for me. However, the plastic-free packaging, vegan ingredients, and variety of colors and scents are worth a try in my opinion.


7. Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets

This one isn't necessarily a bathroom product, but I just had to include the Earth Breeze laundry detergent sheets. I have actually been using these for a few months now and they blow my mind. They work just as good as regular forms of laundry soap and even get rid of stains. The laundry detergent sheets come in biodegradable packaging and are only $12 with a monthly subscription where they are delivered right to your door with no extra cost for shipping. Also, every sale donates 10 loads to a place in need of your choosing. 


Ladies, it's time to come clean with our bathroom products. Swapping a few items with these more eco-friendly products would be a step in the right direction for a more sustainable lifestyle. Stay tuned, I might try each of these swaps and post an article of my honest reviews.


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