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A Letter To My Senior Year Self

I’ve done a lot of assignments where I’m asked to write a letter to my younger self. What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self? What is something you wish you knew five years ago? WHY?! There’s no way I can time travel and change something about my past, nor would I want to, to be honest. It’s a rather negative request asking someone to explain what they would change about something that has already happened.

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A much more productive question would be, what would you say to your future self? This instigates goal-setting and positive thoughts. To be frank, I need both of those things right now, so here is my letter to my post-senior year self:


Hi self,


Congratulations on Graduation! I hope you’re really happy and excited for the next step into the future. As of right now, the thought of graduating college and going into the world as an adult scares the shit of me. Know that you’re still hecka young and it’s okay if you’re still trying to figure things out. (I’m trying to put less pressure on us.) According to Mom and Dad and a number of other old people, you’re gonna go on to do great things, so let’s hope that played out to be true.


I hope you look back on the past four years at college and cherish all the memories and people you met. Please make an effort regularly to check in with college friends even though everyone probably went off to different states. These people mean the world to me and it is important that they are in our life always. We’ve talked about doing an annual girls trip after we graduate so take the initiative to begin that tradition, please.


KU is such a special place. Come back and visit when you can. Always watch the basketball games and you should probably pay the stupid annual alumni fee. I hope you make lots of connections and are able to network through other Jayhawks, and then do the same for other lil Jayhawks in the future. I hope you make an effort to help college students when you can because… sometimes we be struggling.

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I hope you don’t feel stressed all the time. Being an adult seems like it’s gonna be really stressful. Know that it is important to take care of yourself and come to terms with feeling shitty sometimes. I hope you treat yourself to a night alone every once in a while for some self-care. Also remember to call Mom a lot. No matter how bad you think you feel, Mom will always make it better. You aren’t too old.


Lastly, I know this seems superficial, but I hope you’re having so much damn fun. Being “in your twenties” is something I’ve thought about since I was a child. I hope you still spend nights endlessly laughing with your friends. I hope you read this and remember how much you love High School Musical and binge all three of them. I hope you still take the time to read and write for fun. Please, don’t forget to do the things you love. Good luck, future self.

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