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Let’s Face It: The Masks You’ve Been Missing Out On

Your favorite singers and celebrities are wearing it. Your neighbor might be wearing it. And you...you should definitely be wearing it. It’s Fall 2020’s ultimate accessory, it’s not hard to wear, and it might just match your outfit if you know where to look! 

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Most masks these days will fit like a glove, ensuring that you will get the protection that you see fit for yourself. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and wear a surgical mask, wearing eye coverings like a shield, sunglasses, or glasses wouldn’t hurt. The cloth coverings are perfect if you’re in public with people from your own household; if you have a two-layer mask, that’s perfect for the outdoors. And, yes, your nose should be covered too. 

If you’re in the market for a new mask, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of five favorites: 

The 2 layer cloth cover mask (there are some pretty cute ones listed below)

The dual-tone masks on this site had me instantly fascinated. There’s over ten different color schemes and if you’re wanting to spice up your fall look with plenty of colors, they’ve got you covered! You can even pick the option of having the designer choose three masks for you! 

Who doesn’t love supporting artists? “LovaLovesIt” creates handmade masks with so many cute designs! One particularly eye-catching design is a pumpkin spice colored tie-dye cloth mask, perfect for getting in the autumn spirit!

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With a selection of five colors, you can spruce up your look for the day! Sleek and versatile, these masks will go on any attire, formal or casual.

Anthropologie’s catalogue of masks contains floral patterns, cheetah prints, monochrome designs and all sorts of fall colors! And they’re reusable! You can find plenty of fall themed designs to match every single OOTD. 

For the die-hard Jayhawks out there, Rally House has got your merch! 

And I tried my hardest, scrolled through way too many masks, before I found the above selections. If those don’t pique your interest, DIY is one way to go! The templates are already online and you’ll just need a cloth of your choice and a pair of scissors. 



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