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KU Student Organizations: Get Involved

If you are trying to become more involved on KU's campus look no further than the student group list. KU's campus offers hundreds of different student organizations. They literally have an organization for everyone. You can find something that pertains to your major, religious views, hobbies, or political interests. The options are endless.

Not sure where to start finding these groups or even how to get involved with them? It's easy.

A good place to start is by taking a little trip to ku.edu/students/organizations. There you will find a list of groups sectioned off by interest. On this site you can view information on what the group is all about as well as contact information for the organization's leaders .

Another great way to find out about groups is just by looking around on campus. If you take a closer look at bulletin boards, chalkings, or those flyers that people hand out on Wescoe Beach, you may just find the organization you've been looking for. A lot organizations use these types of marketing tools to attract new members.Once you've figured out which group interests you, reach out to the group's president or founder. A group becomes successful on campus by having members. Don't be afraid to express interest in getting more information or to show up to a group meeting.

Keep in mind when joining organizations to be careful not to go overboard. Being active in college is a great way to make connections, learn new skills and meet new people, but make sure not to dedicate yourself to too many groups. Make sure to leave enough time for school and work and not tie yourself down to multiple group promises. It's an unnecessary added stress. Start out with one group that truly fits your interests and become active in that particular group. If you think you can handle another group then go for it.

If KU doesn't have the particular organization or club that you are looking for, that's okay because you can start your own. Students can take steps through Student Involvement and Leadership (SILC) and find other interested students. Once approved the club can hold meetings on campus.

Are you thinking about joining any groups? Which ones? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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