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KU offers a wide variety of living options, but it’s important to know what the most essential must haves are in order to have the best college experience (especially first year) possible! Here is a list of absolute needs for your KU dorm:


A rug for your living area. Most KU residence halls have suite style floor plans now, and they all come with cold tile flooring. You’ll be thankful to have a nice cozy rug under your feet on those winter mornings. And plus, it just brings the room together!

Microwave. I don’t even know how people survived college before microwaves. Hello, pizza rolls?

Curtain/Curtain Rod. Most KU rooms have a sectioned off walk in closet that the students will share. If you like a little privacy when you’re getting dressed like I do, putting a curtain up in the doorway to the closet makes a perfect changing area too! Plus, it’s super cute and you can hide your probably messy closet.

Good headphones. Do I really need to explain this one? If you have roommates, especially sexually active ones, then you will want to just trust me on this one.

Under the bed storage totes. If you’re like me and live very far away from home, it can be difficult to switch out your summer and winter wardrobe when you need it, especially where the weather is totally sporadic like in Kansas. I use these totes to store my seasonal clothing under my bed when I don’t wear them so I can use the closet space!

A whiteboard. This is the best tool to utilize communication with your roommates. You will be on such different schedules sometimes that reminding each other whose turn it is to buy toilet paper is a lot easier and less in-your-face than a passive aggressive text message. Plus, you can draw fun pictures on it!

Tupperware on tupperware. If there’s anything you learned from your mother, it’s probably that tupperware is a  r e l i g i o n. The best thing you can do to is sneak some tupperware into the dining hall and shove food in there to save for later! You’ll thank me for this when they serve holiday dinners.

Jacey Bishop currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief/President of Her Campus KU. In the past, she has served as the Development Director and the Events Director for HCKU, as well as serving as a content contributor for the past three years. Jacey is currently in her final year of study at KU for her Bachelors of Social Work and English, as well as a minor in Communications. She is very active on the KU campus, participating in Student Senate, Multicultural Scholars Program, She's the First, and KU Student Ambassadors. You can contact Jacey at jaceybishop@hercampus.com.
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