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KU Campus Celeb: Sabrina Liedtke

Watch out Lawrence, because KU journalism student , Sabrina Liedtke, is on the prowl for
what’s hot on the Lawrence fashion scene.

A little over three weeks ago, Liedtke unveiled her new blog, Style on the Hill. Her blog is devoted to capturing fashion trends and statements from all over Lawrence. Using what she learned from her past two summers as a fashion intern at Style.com, Sabrina has put together an array of photos that capture Lawrence life and style. In just one week, Style on the Hill received 3,000 hits. When asked how she felt about that, Liedtke said, “It’s been blowing my mind.”

When she returned from New York this summer, Liedtke wanted a way to maintain her skills and realized that KU didn’t have a consistent resource for fashion trends. “Everyone thinks of Kansas as podunk and not hip,” said Liedtke as she pulled out her camera to show off some pictures she took on the way to the interview. “You don’t have to be in New York to be fashionable.” Channeling her two inspirations Tommy Ton and Marina Larroude, she has proven “everyone” wrong. Her blog captures the look of Lawrence and shows the world that you don’t have to live in a big city to have great style. Since starting the site, Liedtke has to be far more aware on campus, “ Before, it was like go to class, tunnel vision, do my own thing, get out of class, go back to my house, but now it’s like I have to creep on people.”

So, what’s in store for Style on the Hill? Well, you can expect to see some new faces added to the team pretty soon. Liedtke is hiring people to join her team so that she can grow the site. Soon, she hopes to have sponsors as well as material that site visitors can read to catch up on fashion tips, tricks and trends.

A couple of Liedtke’s favorite places to shop are Spectators and Anthropologie. Check out some of her work at Style.com where she wrote about Jennifer Garner and the nail art at this year’s Olympics. 

I am a Senior majoring in journalism. I am in love with my dog, Disney, sushi, friends, singing and my family. You can find me browsing fashion blogs, watching the Disney Channel, being super involved on campus or hanging out with my favorite people in the entire world...my friends!
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