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KU Backpack Series: Kayla Banzet

I tote around A LOT of stuff on KU’s hill top campus . My bag is kind of like Mary Poppin’s magical carpet bag.
It has never ending resources. I am constantly switching out textbooks from my bag. Some days I’m only lugging two books while other days I might have eight. Most of the time I feel like I am carrying my whole life in my bag. Well, with no further ado let me show you what is in my bag.

This is my trusty backpack. It’s not glamorous but it gets the job done and hasn’t failed me yet.

My planner is my lifeline. I write down everything!  I schedule projects, papers, appointments, things that need to be done at my internship and upcoming deadlines. If I misplaced this thing I would be lost.

My pencil bag holds my pens, highlighters and all my electronic gadgets. I always have my flash drive and SD card on me. Additionally, I never leave home without my tape recorder. You never know when a story will break out and you need to document it. I also carry hand sanitizer with me because I’m sorta scared of germs and flu season.

When I have a free minute, which is rare, I’ll sit down in between classes, sift through my backpack for a word search puzzle or my latest “fun” book. When it’s time for a snack I usually grab my wallet and head towards The Underground.

Well this is what I have in my bag what’s in yours? Tell Her Campus Kansas what’s in your bag.

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