Justifying These Situations Needs to Stop

1. Your beliefs or passions

This is what makes you… you. Whether it’s religious or just what keeps you going every day, you should never have to justify your beliefs. At times, you may feel like you are in the minority, or you aren’t acting the “right” way. That makes you special, girl! Don’t ever compromise for anyone. This goes for passions as well. It’s simple. Do what makes you happy. Whatever inspires you, what you feel passionately about, what you love doing, do it. No apologies.

2. Getting hurt and needing an apology 

No one else gets to decide if your feelings are hurt. Only you do. No one else can tell you how to feel or to “just get over it.” If you feel wronged, you were wronged in some way. Don’t compromise your right to receive an apology.   

3. Keeping your eye on the prize

So your friends went out for the fourth night in a row, but you decide to stay back because you have a big test to study for. Don’t justify it. You’ve been working hard toward a goal and don’t want to slack off now. Keep your eyes ahead and don’t slow down for anyone. It’s your future, it’s kind of a big deal.

4. Leaving a partner that’s all wrong

You were that perfect Instagram couple, your friends adored him or her, you thought it was the real deal this time. However, you know deep down that your heart just isn’t in it. You need to figure this life-thing out on your own. Let him go. Let her go. It’s time for you to be the independent badass single man or lady you’ve always been.

5. How you spend your free-time

You like to be with your significant other every chance you get? You like to finish a whole Netflix series in one sitting in the comfort of your own bed? You want to get involved in yet another club on campus? Those are all fine! Enjoy the time and fill it with something that is worthwhile for you. That’s really all that matters.

6. The amount of effort put into your appearance

Since I’ve started college, I’ve learned one important lesson. Never judge a person on how they look for class. Sweats, t-shirt, slide-ons, hair that hasn’t been washed in four days busting out of a baseball hat. I’ve seen it all. We’re all on the same struggle bus so rock that outfit like it’s no one’s business. Because it’s not. On the flip side, if you’re the type that wakes up 2 hours early to put on a flawless face of makeup and a cute outfit for the chilliest event like class, you are an inspiration. Rock that too. You look perfect every day in every way.  

7. How many chipotle runs you made in the last week

Chipotle is always a top option and sometimes cooking is just too much. Don’t even try to hide that third bag in the trash can. Eat that third burrito with pride and enjoy the extra guac. You deserve it.