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It’s The Final Countdown

The madness is soon coming to an end. It’s a bittersweet moment for all college basketball fans (or just plain bitter if you’re a KU fan). As I asked around this week who people were rooting for, I realized that it’s become less of a game of “who you would like to win?” and more of a “who you would be the least bitter about winning the title?”

It’s hard not to flash back to the NCAA championship game of 2012 when KU faced off against Kentucky. Most of us still think it’s too soon to forgive Kentucky for crushing our dreams of winning the “Big Dance” on April 2, 2012. On the other hand, Florida is in the Final Four. Predictable much? After that, we’re left with UCONN and Wisconsin, which frankly, I doubt many people had in their Final Four brackets. But, it could be cool to see a win from one of them. I can’t lie, I’m still crying from the KU loss to get too excited for the Final Four. However, my support is without question going to the Wisconsin Badgers, as I grew up 40 minutes outside of Madison, Wis. But, we’ll see. Anything can happen. This is March Madness.

Here’s what the KU students have to say about this year’s Final Four contenders:

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“I want Kentucky to win because once Kansas is out, I always root for the lowest seed and underdog.” —Sean Huddleston, junior from Tustin, Calif.

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“I think Florida has a big chance to win the championship because this unselfish team has great consistency and solid defense. Four experienced seniors and the best NCAA player, Wibekin, show a great chemical reaction.” —Yangmingtian Zhao, senior from Hainan, China.

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“All my favorite teams are out of the tournament, so at this point I’m just rooting for who I hate less. Out of the four teams, I hope Wisconsin wins the title, it’d be nice to see a team who hasn’t gone to the Final Four in such a long time win it all.” —Stephanie Lopez, junior from Olathe.

Be sure to watch the final games of the tournament this weekend on TBS! No. 1 seed Florida vs No. 7 seed UCONN tips off at 5:09 p.m. and No. 2 seed Wisconsin vs No. 8 seed Kentucky follows immediately after at 7:49 p.m. on Saturday, April 5. 

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