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Is the When We Were Young Festival the New Fyre Fest?

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A new festival targeting alternative-style-music fans from the 90s-2000s with Paramore and My Chemical Romance as headliners has got fans concerned about the logistics, and in fear of this being the “emo version of 2017 Fyre fest.”  

The festival announced on January 18 is now set to be a three-day festival, after a public demand to add more dates, and will be happening during October 22, 23 and 29 in the Las Vegas Festival Grounds with tickets going from $300 and up. 

It’s being produced and organized by Live Nation, the company behind Astroworld. The festival is causing some concerns as far as logistics go, with 65 bands in the lineup, three stages and only 12 hours each day for the three dates. Fans have started to wonder if this festival is even feasible. 

Many have been comparing the When We Were Young festival to previous alternative festivals, like Warped Tour, and wondering if this particular festival has what it takes to succeed or if it will end up being a similar scenario to the failed Fyre festival: all advertisement and no sustenance. 

Ticket prices have been a cause of concern as well, with starting prices now going on $300 and more. When looking at other festivals one can see that prices rarely go up that high for General Admission, once again instigating fans to question if this festival is really what it’s said to be.

Has Live Nation bitten off more than it could chew? Or, is this festival set to be the newest nostalgia-fest for all alternative kids and young adults out there?

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