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Instagram Trends That Need To Die

Like on all other social media platforms, Instagram users tend to develop certain trends that are fun and cool at first, but end up contaminating my feed after too long.  Here is a compilation of Instagram trends that make me want to rip my hair out.


White borders

Please delete the Whitagram app from your phone ASAP.  When I see a picture with white borders, I actually time travel back to 2014 when this was a normal thing.  Instagram made it so that you virtually never have to use white borders ever again, why not take advantage of it?  


Texting your friends to comment on your picture

We’re all guilty of refreshing our Instagram posts every 2 minutes to see how many likes we have, but going so far as to ask your friends to comment on your picture is a little much.  If I want to comment on your picture, I will! If you ask me to leave a comment, I’ll feel even less inclined to do so.  My brain can’t generate a well-thought-out comment when put on the spot.


Clickbait videos in Instagram’s discovery section

My discovery page on Instagram is plagued with clickbait videos.  Makeup tutorials, cooking videos, DIY videos — basically everything — seems to have a freeze-frame cover that is totally unrelated to the actual video.  Maybe it’s my fault for falling for it every time, but it annoys the sh*t out of me.



Some people got Huji last January and forgot how to act.  Huji had her 15 minutes of fame at the beginning of 2018. Let her rest.  I’m tired of seeing “1998” in the bottom corner of over-edited fake-vintage looking pictures.


The “skinny mini” comment

*Clears throat* “SKINNY” IS NOT A COMPLIMENT.  STOP USING “SKINNY” AS A COMPLIMENT. I constantly see girls commenting on how skinny their friends are, and it makes me cringe.  The intentions are harmless, but the effects are damaging. These comments do nothing but reinforce traditional beauty standards for women.  Come on, it’s 2018. We don’t need to be commenting on other people’s body types.

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