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An Inner Monologue Of My First Time Abroad

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to venture “across the pond” to London over Spring Break. I went with a class I am taking called, “The London Review,” and it is through the Office of Study Abroad at the University of Kansas. If you are interested in having the best Spring Break you can ever imagine, I would HIGHLY recommend applying for this program. Do it.

Anyway, here is just a compilation of my thoughts during my first ever trip outside of the United States:

Day 1: The Eight Hour Flight.

“Ohmygosh! It’s the Atlantic Ocean!”        

“We can track the flight on these screens?!”

“I wonder if we are over the spot where the Titanic sank.”

Day 2: First Day in London.

“Must. Take. Pictures. Of. EVERYTHINGGGGGG.”

“A British McDonald’s!” *click*

“A British Flag!” *click*

“British people!”…….”They don’t look that different.”…..”Who cares, they’re BRITISH.” *click*

Day 3: Sight-seeing walking tour.

“Must. Take. Pictures. Of. EVERYTHINGGGGGG……..Part II.”

“Woah! Big Ben!”

“Yikes, almost got hit by that car. It’s funny because they drive on the wrong side of the road. Haha.”

“Geez, dude. You clearly saw me walking. Didn’t need to proceed to speed up on your little scooter.”

“I look like such a tourist right now.” *click* “That was a pretty decent selfie. Better Instagram that to show everyone that I’m in LONDON!”

Day 4: ‘Once,’ The Musical.

“I wonder how many of these people are famous.”

“She looks famous.”

“She’s definitely famous.”

“British paparazzi are crowding her. She’s SOOO famous.”

“I need to look up who she is when I get home.”

Day 5: Oxford.

“I am not leaving here without an Oxford hoodie.”

“I wonder if anyone will think I went to Oxford when they see me in this.”

“HA. No one is going to think that.”

Day 6: Free day of wandering.

“I wonder if people think I’m from here.”

“I’m not going to look at my tube map, so people think I’m from here.”

“Dang it. How do I get to Piccadilly Circus.”

“Don’t pull out the map. Don’t pull out the map.”


Day 7: Free day of wandering | Part II.

“I should totally move here after graduation.”

“Everyone’s just so….posh.”

“Little British kids and their accents. I can’t deal.”

“Look at me with my Harrod’s bag.”

“I wish this bag didn’t say ‘Food Hall.’”

Day 8: Museums On Museums On Museums.

“Wow, those are some old paintings.”

“Wow, those are some old statues.”

“Wow, those are some old…Hey! A Monet!”

“I’m so cultured.”

Day 9: Free day of wandering | Part III.

“My feet are killing me.”

“I wish I would have brought a pedometer. I bet I’ve taken like2 million steps by now.”

“Ohmygosh. A bird is going to poop on my head.”

“Must resist urge to buy a burger.”

“But this says, ‘British Burger.”

“Buying it.”

Day 10: Cheerio, London.

“I don’t want to leave.  I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave.”

“What am I going to do without my English breakfast?”

“I think I might have a bit of an accent now.”

“I’m going to definitely call trash cans, ‘rubbish bins’ from here on out.”

“I need one more picture of the flag before we leave.” *click*


Brea Cudney is currently a senior at the University of Kansas, majoring in Communication Studies, with a minor in Journalism. Brea is an avid fan of The Office, addicted to pickles, obsessed with squirrels and a lover of all things crimson and blue. Rock Chalk!
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