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I’m Not Superstitious or a Podcast Listener… But Here Are a Few That Changed My Mind

Maybe it's probable undiagnosed ADHD or my shortened attention span as a result of abusing TikTok, but up until recently, podcasts just seemed like time I didn’t want to invest. However, over a collective 8 hours of driving over the span of a weekend, my playlists became exhausted and I decided to venture down a path I had never gone down before. 

So I’m here to tell you how a once anti-podcast, refuse-to-surrender-to-social-media-status-quo kinda girl bit the bullet and decided to make her weekly article about three fabulous podcasts about the paranormal, unsolved, and unexplainable.

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Coming in at number one is…

  1. Spirits of Fernald | A Conversation with Nick Graves “The Grave Talks | Haunted, Paranormal & Supernatural”

Hey, how long has it been since you ate a bowl of oatmeal? Guarantee it’s shorter than the length of time Quaker Oats was involved with eugenics based experimentation on young boys at the Fernald Institution, including but not limited to feeding them radioactive isotopes in their cereal. 


Oh- Quaker worked closely alongside the educational institutions of Harvard and MIT on these “projects”, as well. 


Yeah, I’m not making this up. 

I got really into this podcast initially and listened to four episodes in a row but this one was by far my favorite. Eugenics, if you are not familiar, is basically the idea that there is a perfect race of human beings that can be manipulated into creation by eliminating different traits which are considered “undesirable”. It’s the theory that gave birth to the evils behind the holocaust in the 1920s and other separitist/segregation ideals that plagued the world throughout the 20th century. 

This episode is led by investigator Nick Graves who has frequented the Fernald Institution on paranormal investigative trips. The episode gives a nice background and brief history lesson while also talking about some of the scary experiences while on the abandoned grounds.


Here is the link for the podcast via spotify: Spirits of Fernando - Grave Talks

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2. #1612 - Robert Bigelow | “The Joe Rogan Experience” 

Do you have that one friend where when they agree with you about something you’re like, “Oh yeah, I’m definitely right then because you are SMART”? Well, if you’ve ever been curious about life beyond earth or UFOs, but only have that one friend that will agree but also feeds into flat-earth conspiracy theorists, listen to this podcast. 

First off, I’ll say it- Joe Rogan runs a damn good podcast. I say this because he usually guides his guests in the same directions I would think of when he is asking questions. This is nice, because with some hosts it feels like I am constantly thinking to myself, “Why didn’t you ask them about A & B?!”, and, “Wait, that was important! Ask them to talk about it more!!”. So it’s enjoyable to listen to someone who gets the full picture from the speaker. 

Second, Rob Bigelow is an aerospace entrepreneur billionaire who is currently making habitats equipped for extended stays on the surface of Mars. If he says he believes in extraterrestrial life, who am I to say I do not? I love this episode as they speak about isolated UFO experiences from multiple profiles of individuals in a very analytical way and tend to stay away from anything that might be portrayed as conspiracy-like. As someone who really gets excited over the cold hard facts, this is appreciated. 


Check this episode out on Spotify here: #1612 Robert Bigelow - The Joe Rogan Experience 

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3. The Number Thirteen | ”Superstitions, Parcast Network”

I wouldn’t describe myself as an overly superstitious person but if I drop my coffee on the way out the door, you can bet I’m either blaming it on the fact that Mercury is in Retrograde or because of that one mirror I broke over the summer while moving into my apartment. Regardless if you believe or not, I genuinely think everyone has a smidge of curiosity as to why some tales linger and why some signs seem so prevalent in day to day life. 

I found this episode through a recommended podcast playlist on Spotify, and for some reason was naturally drawn to this episode about all the myths associated with the unlucky number thirteen. I love the history discussed and the correlations drawn, however, I’m still not superstitious.

Just a little stitious. 


Learn something new on Spotify: Superstitions- The Number Thirteen


I mentioned a suggested playlist earlier which is, “Spooky Stories” by Spotify and has almost six hours of scary content. Here is the link for that as well: Spooky Stories - Spotify

With this, I hope I can make a podcast-believer out of you, and even if one of these isn’t your exact taste, that you can explore on your own. 

Howdy, howdy! I am Addison Haynes, I am a senior at the University of Kansas where I study Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology and Business Administration on a Pre-Law track. I come from a small town outside of St. Louis known as Dardenne Prairie, where I grew up with two awesome siblings. Currently, I work as a part time Undergraduate Legal Assistant, and intend to pursue law school when I graduate! Writing has always been my biggest passion and the thing I find the most comfort in doing.
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