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As if the 90’s are Over

The 1990’s were a pivotal time in the fashion world. This decade brought us some fashion statements and icons that we wouldn’t be able to live without. If your ultimate dream closet involved chokers, Doc Martens, high-waisted Levi’s and oversized plaid-shirts, specifically to be worn tied around the waist, you are definitely a 90’s girl at heart. If you get up in the morning and want to channel your inner Beverly Hills 90210, have no fear. Like it’s been said many times, fashion repeats itself and the 1990’s are making a huge comeback. Here are a few of the most important outfits of the 90’s that are gone but never forgotten.

1.       Cher from Clueless.

You can probably quote the whole movie and explain in detail your favorite outfit that Cher wears. "Clueless" was full of fashion statements that involve plaid skirts to funky hats and for that we are forever thankful. Although Cher probably puts in way more time and effort to get ready for school than most of us do, pieces from her wardrobe didn’t stay in the 90’s. Cher made plaid and mini-skirts an unforgettable trend.

2.       Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.

Kelly was America’s sweetheart and pulled off bright colors and teased hair better than anyone around. If you take a glance at Kelly’s wardrobe you, will see her influence over many girls' style today. She inspired many to run out to the mall and grab a pair of white Keds to rock with their high-waisted denim shorts, a trend that has not been forgotten. And if you think 2014 was the first era to make crop tops a thing, you are wrong and have Kelly to thank. Whether it was a tank top or a t-shirt cut in half, Kelly Kapowski knew how to make a crop top work and inspire us all.

3.       Rachel Green from Friends.

In the 90’s, everyone wanted to be Rachel, and in 2014, I’m pretty sure everyone still wants to be Rachel. From her perfect hair to her casual “serving coffee at the Central Perk” outfits, it was hard not to envy Rachel. Nobody knew how to make denim button up shirts and baby doll dresses work quite like Rachel Green, but we can sure try. Some of her most famous wardrobe trends are making huge comebacks. The fearless go for her overall look, the classics wear her adorable floral dresses, and the casual girls go for her oversized sweaters. However you do it, be sure to thank Rachel Green for your fabulous 90’s inspired outfit.

4.       Kelly Bundy from Married with Children.

Nobody knew how to have the cool, edgy, grungy vibe quite like the one and only Kelly Bundy. I can guarantee you her combination of leather jackets and boyfriend jeans will still cause envy if you watch a rerun of Married with Children. And who other than Kelly Bundy would have the guts to wear all of those body-con dresses and oversized statement necklaces? The next time you pick your going out outfit, think of Kelly and you will surely be walking out of the door looking cooler than ever.

5.       Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills 90210.

She was a blonde, classic beauty and that had the most sophisticated wardrobe out of anyone that attended West Beverly High. She was Kelly Taylor and she not only had the outfits of your dreams but also Dylan Mckay. Kelly had it all. Her blazers and Beverly Hills preppy look were almost too good to be true. Luckily for all of us living in the current world, her most popular trends have stayed with us throughout the years. Whenever you are wanting to feel extra girly and classy, search for your best Kelly Taylor-inspired pieces in your wardrobe and you can’t go wrong. 


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