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I Have a Wordle Problem, and I’m About to Make It Yours Too

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Okay. At the risk of sounding insane, I do this thing at 11 p.m. (central time) every day where I check the website Jetpunk to see the daily featured quizzes. If it sounds familiar, it’s the website that has the Countries of the World quiz. (I can do it in under five minutes at this point. It’s really wild). At first I did it to prove a point that I’m good at geography, but turns out I needed a website to teach me everything I know about geography. Anyways. There are six quizzes generally and some of them take some TIME, and I’m doing it at 11 every day. Like, I will stop talking to my roommates at 11 p.m. sharp sometimes if it means doing the Jetpunk quizzes. I’ve been doing it for the past year which means my friends have been telling me it’s really weird for the past year.

I also have this odd thing where I have to play two games of Spider Solitaire (but only on this website) immediately after doing the Jetpunk quizzes, and that’s like the MOST time consuming Solitaire game for me generally. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t sleep and this is probably why.

Then something came along that really ruined my life. Wordle. I started playing Wordle during my winter break and it is the highlight of my day. If I’m done with the 11 p.m. “tasks” of taking my silly little geography quizzes and playing a silly little card game before the Wordle comes out, because I’m 80 years old (honestly), I will sit there and wait patiently. I’m learning a lot about myself by writing this out and I’ve realized that perhaps I do not need to share everything with the world, but I digress. I got so addicted to Wordle that I found every single alternative to Wordle. Just to pass the time. Sometimes people will ask me why I don’t respond to their texts and this is why. Why am I late to class every day? Because I do things like this. It’s really an issue but I want to share this issue with the world. If you made it this far out of genuine concern, this next part probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re just curious please enjoy this list of every single Wordle-esque website I can find.

  • Wordle: the og. the alpha the omega everything in between. Josh Wardle, we don’t know each other but I love you so very much for creating this game.
  • Lewdle: This game is literally just words that wouldn’t be allowed on an ABC Family show. It makes me feel good whether I do well or if I don’t do as well (I have never lost though) because when I win it in three or less I feel like a genius and when I get it in four to six I’m okay with it because it means I don’t know as many lewd words as possible and that makes me feel less guilty. If my mom or dad reads this, I want you to know I know no lewd words whatsoever and I have never won this game ever. EVER. Also the creator’s reasoning for not putting misogynistic/super offensive words as the answer is so refreshing to read. Created by Gary Whitta, Leah Whitta and Adam Nickerson
Thanks Gary!
  • Sweardle: This game is less extreme than Lewdle in terms of vocabulary. Instead of five letters, you get four letters which could make it harder to come up with words, but easier to narrow down letters. You also get less guesses though, so choose wisely! Created by Stuart Houghton
  • Absurdle: This game makes my brain hurt and I can’t explain it without it hurting again, but here’s an attempt. Basically, you start out with a word, but if you get no letters correct the website switches the word for you. Except the first three words you choose are always incorrect. There’s a set list of “secret” words and the only time a color hint is given is when a letter matches with the most secret words. It doesn’t make sense until you do it, and even then it doesn’t make sense. If you want the more detailed (and accurate) explanation from the developers, here’s that for you. Though it’s confusing, it’s still pretty fun and you get an unlimited amount of guesses! Created by QNTM (Things of Interest)
  • Hello Wordl – Just like Wordle, except you can play a different game any time, and you can change the amount of letters you want to guess (from four letter words to 11 letter words). You can also share specific games that you generated with friends. Created by Lynn
  • Taylordle: Wordle for swifties. This is a lot harder than you think. It could be song titles, people, names, albums. All sorts of things. Created by Holy Swift Podcast
  • 7 Wordles – Wordle x7. There’s a clock too. Created by WooferZfg
  • Byrdle – Exactly the same as Wordle except it’s only related to choral music? Very niche. Very exciting. Takes me way too long to even guess a word. Concept by QuireMemes
  • Primel – Wordle except numbers, and the number has to be a five-digit prime number. It’s easier than you think, I swear. Code by Dill
  • Squirdle – This is Wordle but no letters. Or words? Just Pokémon. I haven’t won a single game of this because I don’t get it but if you understand Pokémon better than I do then this is for you! Created by Sergio Morales Esquivel (FireBlend)
  • Lettrle – Literally just guess one letter until you get it. It’s the dumbest thing ever because it’s so easy yet it’s never the letter you expect. Created by Ed Jefferson
  • Dordle – Wordle, with two words at the same time. Dordle is great for two (lol) reasons because there’s an option to play unlimited games, and then there’s also a daily game. Created by Zaratustra

Here’s to weird late night habits!

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