How to Whiten Your Teeth Without Splurging

Summer is coming up, which means that strawberries will soon be in season. These berries are not only delicious, but they can also brighten up your smile without taking off the enamel like so many of the store-bought whitening products do. This is because of their malic acid-content, which actually works to whiten the enamel itself, rather than taking the yellowing enamel off.

First, you will need strawberries. One strawberry should be enough for all of your teeth, but if you want to use more, go for it.


Now this is probably the technique you mentally jumped to. And in theory, rubbing a strawberry directly onto your teeth could actually work...but it feels weird and does not thoroughly coat all of your teeth, so pull the strawberry out of your mouth and grab a fork.

Mash it all up into a paste. You can also add some baking soda to heighten the effects. 

Now pull out your handy dandy toothbrush and dip in into the mixture. Brush it onto you teeth.

Leave the paste on your teeth for about 5 minutes, then brush it off. 

All done! Repeat as often as you would like to maintain your pearly whites.