How to Save Money In College

Okay, so how many of you like to save money? I can’t physically see your hands, but I’m just going to assume they are all raised.

As college students, we have mastered the art of pinching pennies. Earlier this year I used a $5 off coupon at Olive Garden. Yeah, I felt a little weird, but I’m also poor AND smart. I know that extra five bucks will contribute to my weekend festivities fund.

How can you save money, you ask?

It really isn’t very difficult to do. All it takes is a little patience and strategizing, and you will start to see the excess dolla bills accumulate.


Honestly, they are practically begging you to use them. Check local newspapers, flyers you are handed on Wescoe Beach and the internet. If you just so happen to have purchased student football tickets, there is a hefty $5 off McAlister’s Deli coupon on the back of each ticket. That’s basically a $2 meal, if you like the McAlister's Club like me. YUM!

Fuel Saver Cards

I have obviously been in the dark for years, but a couple months ago I decided to sign up for a Hy-Vee Fuel Saver card. FANTASTIC decision. Just today, I saved almost $12 at the pump from the fuel points I earned in the store. My roommate and I have found grocery shopping to be a whole lot more enjoyable when we have to search for fuel saver items! I shop at Hy-Vee, but I know Dillon’s also has a similar program. Visit your local store to sign up, or do so at!

Free Food at KU

Did you know there is a Twitter account with the sole purpose of telling you where there is free food on campus? Well, there is. And it is, @FreeFoodAtKU. If you’re ever feeling up for a snack or parched from walking up the hill, check Twitter and see where the free food and drinks are on campus. Trust me, it’s worth following!

Buy/Sell/Trade Clothing Stores

Do you have items in your closet you haven’t worn in months? Wait no more! Stores such as Plato’s Closet and Arizona Trading Company want to BUY them from you! So, instead of drooling over that beautiful, studded, leather jacket you saw on Mass Street, you can be selling your clothes for the money to buy it. Simple. As. That. Granted, some stores may have reached their limit on certain styles, or they could be too out-of-date, but why not take a chance? You just might walk out with some extra money AND a cleaner closet.

Like I said before, with just a little patience and strategizing, you won’t be saying you don’t have two cents to rub together. Instead you may have a few dollars. Hey, I didn’t say these tips would make you rich.