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How to Overcome The Last Quarter Slump

It happens every year. First comes winter break, next it’s spring, and it feels like it’s no time at all before we’re closing our text books and throwing on a pair of shades as we launch into summer vacation. Though summer is just around the corner, it’s not here yet, and this time of year is generally when my focus starts to slip. Don’t let your pining for warmer weather and a break from school get in the way of achieving academic success, here are a few tips to stay on track as we near the end of another great semester at grand ol’ KU.


1. Keep Your Eye on the Prize

It’s so easy to get in the summer swing once the weather starts to pick up, even with tests to cram for and papers to write. As tempting as it may be to lay out in the balmy weather, don’t go empty- bring books, notes or flashcards you can flip through in lieu of a magazine to keep your tanning session productive in more ways than one.


2. Time Management!

As summer approaches, all I can think about is sweet, sweet freedom. Days of doing as I please without any stressful deadlines hanging over me and no early alarms rousing me from my sleep prematurely, but until then I do need to be mindful of the assignments and tasks required to finish out the semester strong. Most professors are kind enough to provide a tentative schedule with important dates and tests highlighted for your benefit. Use this to your advantage! Manage your time wisely and on the not-so-sunny days, put in some work so you can take a nice, long relaxing break when the pre-summer weather is at its peak.


3. Study with Friends

Chances are, your pals are just as eager to put their last final behind them and dive head first into three months of freedom as you are. So motivate one another! Designate times for work, and times for play, and enjoy one another’s company for both events. One of the best things about summer time is getting to spend it with friends, but you can get a head start on this while still staying focused on your school work.


4. Reward Yourself

One of my favorite treats is a nice, sweet strawberry daiquiri. Traditionally made with rum, you can always leave the alcohol out of it for an under-21 friendly option. Spoil yourself and give yourself a quick preview of your future pool-side activities by finishing off a day of hard work or following a night of cramming for a test with a sweet treat. Frozen drinks aren’t your thing? Paint your nails, buy yourself a new album, anything to celebrate your ongoing achievements even as it gets harder and harder to tear yourself away from the rays streaming through your bedroom window.


Summer’s almost here, but it’s not quite here yet! Hopefully with a little dedication and a few tips from your friends at Her Campus KU, you’ll finish the semester strong and fully enjoy your much-deserved break come May.

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