How to Manage a Stress Free Life

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed and thought, “today is going to be a bad day?” Potentially thinking because you didn’t sleep well, you got into your deep thoughts late at night (*queue sad drake lyrics*), or maybe you’re just having a hard time fully adjusting and can’t get your sh*t together! Your sleeping pattern could be off because you’re so overwhelmed with the amount of work, tests and quizzes. All this stress is leaving you up at night thinking how you can manage all of this. 

Then it hits you that it’s not because you’ve been waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but because your schedule is a mess and you lack in keeping your things organized. For the most part, you could just have a hard time adjusting and can’t get yourself to be organized.  It’ll take people days, weeks, or even months to get back on track. Well, I’m guilty to say, I was one of those people that took a couple months to get back on track and adjust to everything, especially with the new school year. This eventually resulted in procrastination, a messed up sleeping schedule, and not the ideal grades I desired. Image credit

So, what can we do to get back on track, become more organized, and help adjust to everyday life? 

Having a calendar, such as a planner in your backpack and a white board in your room can help with the tasks given to you everyday. Something I did wrong was not having my own planner and calendar. I was always thinking, “I don’t need to write anything down, I’ve got it all memorized.” Oh boy, was I wrong! Writing notes down helps keep everything organized and prepares me for what’s coming ahead. 

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Make a schedule for all the deadlines approaching. Set yourself a goal and follow through with that goal. Write down on your calendar when you’re going to work on that specific assignment and get it done!

The longer we wait for something, the harder it will be for us to get everything done on time. Everything piles up, and that’s when you start to lose it. We’re all guilty of procrastination, but if we don’t want the piles of work and we want to aim for a stress free life, then honey, procrastination has got to go!

Yes, going out is nice and keeps you from being isolated in your room all day, but it is something you need to balance with social and school life. In the end, let's all try to get our sh*t together and stay as organized as we possibly can, because this is one of the “major keys” to a successful and stress-free life!