How to Make Time for Yourself

 As we get older, our schedule starts to fill up faster and faster, giving us no time out of our day to focus on ourselves. I can’t remember the last time I actually had time set aside for myself. So, as a college student, what are ways to help give you a sense of reflection and time for yourself?

How to make time for yourself when you feel busier than ever.

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  • Create Your Daily Routine


            First, it's always best to create a routine. Wake up early, eat a good breakfast, go to the gym, go to your classes and/or work. Creating a routine helps with organization and decreases the time for procrastination. Always remember that making time for yourself should be considered a priority, and making time out of your day and creating a routine can help significantly with making time for yourself.


  • Get Rid of Some Tasks


If something isn’t absolutely necessary, then don’t focus on that specific task. Whether that’s cleaning the house, running a few errands, etc. Take that time you would have taken on that specific task, and use it to make time for yourself.

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  • Schedule a time for yourself

Write down on a planner the day and time that you intend to make time for yourself, and follow through with that schedule. Making a schedule helps with you actually putting in the effort to make time for yourself, instead of procrastinating… which we are all guilty of.

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